2020 Internship Programmes for Nigerian University Students | APPLY NOW

Internship programmes are highly essential for Undergraduate to expose them to the various aspect of fieldwork. Many institutions ensure that their students go for their internship. One of the main reason for Internship Programmes is just to expose students to how the course they are studying is been carried out in real life.

2020 Internship Programmes for Nigerian University Students | APPLY NOW

Most times it is always the theoretical aspect that is always been exposed to the students during their course of study in their respective institutions, this now demands an avenue for student’s or undergraduate to be exposed to the technical and practical aspect of their courses. There are so many internships programme all over the world, most companies and firms admit students for their internship programme.

Importance of Internship Programmes

The internship programme gives both undergraduate and postgraduate students a great opportunity and privilege to gains more and deep insight into the technical and administrative programmes of their course. The internship programmes 2020 enrich students knowledge and understanding in their field. This serves as a great way of contributing to the betterment of their course.

The internship programme 2020 expose students to their field of work and most time the duration of the internship programme is always for about Six to twenty-four weeks. The internship programme 2020 which are available also help to improve students communication skills, personal effectiveness, presentation skills and creativeness.

The internship programme 2020 gives students vast knowledge about their course of study, it broadens their horizon and gives them deep enlightenment on the course they are studying. Most times after students are done with their internship that is when they now have a core understanding of what their field is all about when directed towards the technical aspects.

There are lots of internship programme 2020 for candidates, for students in health-related courses the world health organization internships programme is always there for you to apply for, there are others lots of internship programme 2020 you can also apply for as an undergraduate and postgraduate student.

2020 Undergraduate Internship Programmes to Apply for in Nigeria

As mentioned earlier there are various internship programme 2020 for people to apply for, but in this article, we would be giving you a detailed list of some of the undergraduate internship programme 2020 for you to be aware of. You should note that the internship programme that would be listed are only for Undergraduate, not postgraduate students. The list of undergraduate internship in Nigeria for 2020 are listed below;

  1. Shell internship programme.

  2. Total E&P Internship programme.

  3. IBM Undergraduate Internship.

  4. Addax petroleum Nigerian Internship programme.

  5. NNPC Undergraduate Internship programme.

  6. Chevron Undergraduate internship programme.

  7. MTN Nigeria Internship programme.

  8. KPMG Nigeria Internship programme.

  9. Dangote Internship programme.

  10. World health organization internships programme.

These are some of the major undergraduate Internship programme in Nigeria 2020 for you to easily apply for.


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