Internet Reviews; Online Digital Library of FreeBooks, Movies, Software, Music and Many More

Internet Archive Is American non-profit website that give access to free download of a vast collection of digital materials. Using this website you can access thousands of books, movies, software, music, websites, and more all for free. This almost sounds too good to be true and that is why this article will focus on our Reviews on the Internet website.

Internet Reviews; Online Digital Library of FreeBooks, Movies, Software, Music and Many More

Internet Reviews; What is the Internet Archive?

Just like the name suggest the internet Archive is an archive of different categories of things on the internet for users such as you and me. This website is also known as IA or It contains a very gigantic vault of so many things on the internet including public domain history.

The Wayback machine is a catalogue of all-time public domain history that are properly preserved in the world of the internet archive. You can use this website to access any other public domain that has existed in history.

The digital materials that are available on this platform do not follow a specific kind of pattern,  they are just random throughout history. You can find materials of random topics such as how to be popular to surviving a nuclear attack and great collection of 78rpm records and cylinder recordings.

The Internet Archive Website is All About Preservation and Not Piracy

It is important to note that this platform is simply based on the preservation of materials throughout history and not piracy. So many people often confuse this website as pirating materials but the opposite is the case. This website is home to 1.4 million books and historical documents. It also contains cached versions of websites captured over a long period of time. And finally the Wayback Machine With a collection of about 390 billion pages dating back to 1996.

The archive also has a digital library collection of Copies of all books that are uploaded there on a daily basis. Anybody with an  internet connection visit this website and access any of digital copies of the person wants. they also do own physical copies of books which can be rented physically and they claim the rights to.

Many publishing industries do not see archive preservation rather they see it as piracy. The reason is that they believe that archives should provide copies of books that are property licensed instead of the image files.

Categories of Files in

This website has a vast collection of everything. That is why I have taken the pain to list to you the entire category of what to You can get from this website:

  • Free books
  • Movies
  • Software
  • Music
  • Websites
  • Blog
  • Projects
  • Jobs
  • Volunteer
  • People
  • Donate and more

How to Download Files on

There is no basic step, but I will just explain how you can download any file from the archive. What you need is just the basic knowledge of how to pull off a successful download of anything you want on this website.

From the Internet Reviews, there are tons of materials to get on this website. Once you know what you want look for the category that contains it you can download or use it from the website. Lastly, it is important to note that some content is only available after you sign up.

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