How the Seller Reviews Feature Work on Facebook Marketplace 

Get to know more about seller’s work reviews on the Facebook marketplace. You should note that this feature can only be accessible on the iPhone & android apps. Go through this page to know how to review sellers, request reviews, and so on. I am positive this will cover all that you are looking for!!!

How Facebook Marketplace Seller Reviews Work

How to Request Reviews on the Facebook Marketplace

If you are struggling to get a review on your marketplace listings, to maybe add trust and give confidence to your buyers that your product & services are excellent. It can also be that after your buyers purchase a product on your page, they end up either forgetting or just didn’t want to put down a review on that sale.

First, note that your reviews tab is on always. Well, here are some steps to guide you;

  1. Add a CTA on your site

This is where all your buyers go through, so make sure to write a line that makes it. advisable to put down a review on your Facebook page. That is, with the use of a “Call to action” put at a nice area on your site

  1. Forward Frequent Emails to Recent buyers

This is so far the easiest task to do to bring you a lot of reviews. This set of people accepted to receive emails from you, so they will be eager to open the emails.

  1. Post a brief write-up, asking for Facebook reviews

Some of your buyers might not be even aware of a review feature on the Facebook marketplace. So, it is left to you to post a reminder that they should go back and leave a review on their purchase or on the item.

  1. Use of Chatbots on Fb Messenger

This Is also very simple to run. On the messenger app, you can also put small writing asking for customer reviews on messenger since they all already use the app through the Facebook app.

How Sellers Review Work on the Facebook Marketplace

This feature allows customers who purchase any product from you to write and post comments on their experiences.  It is all done under the marketplace review. This can be accessed o the seller’s commerce profile and also to the listing it relates to.

You should also put in mind that not all persons that write on the seller’s review are actual buyers of the product on Facebook.

How to Review Seller’s Work on the Facebook Marketplace

After you have purchased a product if you have a problem with the product or have something good to say about the item. You can simply write the seller a review from the listings of your purchased item. Or you can do the same from your chats with the seller.

Can I Reply to a Review on Facebook Marketplace?

Of course, you can, if you want to reply to one of the buyers that require an answer either asking about the product or how long the delivery will be. You can simply reply to them, following the steps below;

  1. Once logged into the app, go to the app marketplace
  2. Tap on listings
  3. from there, tap on the “more drop-down menu”
  4. select view listing details
  5. locate and tap on ratings & review tap
  6. From there you will be able to see and reply to any review of your choice


In conclusion, hope this was able to teach you and give you a more understanding of sellers’ work in the marketplace. Also, keep in mind that you can ask questions about an item you bought in the sellers’ review. they will most definitely answer you. And for your reviews, once it has been made public, they cannot be edited again.

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