How to Get WhatsApp on Your Samsung Smart Watch

Almost everybody using Samsung devices makes use of WhatsApp simply because WhatsApp is everything you need in a chat messaging application. With over 2 billion users WhatsApp simply exists over Facebook to become the most used messaging app. But this post will show You How to Get WhatsApp on Your Samsung Smart Watch.

How to Get WhatsApp on Your Samsung Smart Watch

Considering how popular the WhatsApp application is you will be shocked to know that there is no app for Smartwatches. But the interesting thing is that there is still a way to get WhatsApp on your Samsung watch.

Install WhatsApp on Smart Watch

It is not possible to install WhatsApp on your Samsung watch. The reason for this is simple there is no Samsung application anywhere neither third-party nor official to use WhatsApp on your Samsung watch

Smart watches capable of using applications have been around for a long time now. There have even been other social media applications available for smartwatches. However, when it comes to WhatsApp the case is totally different.

There are several reasons one might think why WhatsApp is not available on my SmartWatch device that is been used today. It might be due to the fact that WhatsApp is already doing very well on its own and does not need smartwatches. There might be other reasons though, but all we can do is speculate.

How to Get the Application on Your Smart Watch

Surely, what You will get here is the steps on How to Get WhatsApp on Your Samsung Watch as this is one of the most-used apps. Now that we have established the fact that it is impossible to install WhatsApp on your Samsung Watch because there is simply not an application for it.

That doesn’t mean you cannot make use of WhatsApp on your Samsung or any other watch. We know that smartwatches function as a way for us to get notifications from our smartphones when the screen is off. This then means that we can get notifications for WhatsApp on our smartwatch, therefore, using WhatsApp on it.

The process of doing this is not difficult as it is the same for enabling notifications for any other application on your smartwatch. What you need for this is the Samsung smartwatch your smartphone and your Galaxy wearable application. When does are ready follow the procedure below:

Enable Notifications on Your Galaxy Watch

To enable WhatsApp notification on your Samsung Watch follow the procedure I have carefully laid down below:

  • Launch your Samsung wearable application on your smartphone.
  • Open your recently said device and open settings.
  • Select notifications.
  • Toggle on notifications.
  • Scroll down to when you have WhatsApp and toggle notifications on for it.

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