How to View Someone’s Hidden or Blocked WhatsApp Status

Apart from Facebook and Instagram, another most popular social media platform is WhatsApp and this app have a lot of features. One of the features of this app is the ability to share status and it is just like other social media platforms. Whereas sometimes, you might not be able to view others status. If this happens, then you should note that you have been blocked and there are certain steps on How to View Hidden WhatsApp Status.

There might be other possible reason why this happens and it might be because the person didn’t save your number or you have been excluded from their status. In WhatsApp privacy, you can only see someone status if both of you have each other on your contact list. This content will provide the steps on How to View Hidden WhatsApp Status and also the reasons why you might not see someone’s Status

Reasons Why You Might Not See Someone’s Status

There is a certain number of reasons why you might not be able to access someone status in case you might be wondering the reasons. But you should note that there are two major reasons why this instance happens. One of the reasons is that the person did not save your number on their contact list.

According to the WhatsApp rules and regulations, you would need to save someone phone number on your contact list before they can get access to your status. Even though you save their number, as long as they didn’t save yours, you still can get access to their Status. So, the both of you have to save each other contact.

While the other reason may be because you were blocked from viewing the person’s status. This might be due to your personal conflicts or reasons best known to the other party. So, once you are blocked from viewing someone’s status, then you would not get access to them. These two reasons are the major reason why you might not access someone else WhatsApp Status.

How to View Hidden WhatsApp Status

If you are wondering about the steps on How to View a person’s Hidden WhatsApp Status, then you should check the list below as it contains all the information you need. First of all, you would have to consider the reason why didn’t see the status. Like in a case when someone blocks you from viewing their status, then you can use an alternative app.

Method One: Using an Alternative App

The app you would use to carry out this process is the GBWhatsApp. Follow the steps below to do that

  • To begin, you will have to download the GBWhatsApp app, you can download the app using this link
  • Once you are done with that, open the app
  • Tap the top icon on the home page
  • From there, you would see the different option, select “Hide or View Status”

These are the steps you would need if you are using the GBWhatsApp app, and from there you can see someone hidden status. Even if you were blocked by the person, with these steps you can also access the persons WhatsApp Status.

Method Two

This method only applied if it was you who muted the person mistakenly as this is possible. Follow the steps below to unmute and view the person’s status that You thought was hidden.

  • Open your WhatsApp
  • After that, click the STATUS tab
  • The status will appear under the muted update sector instead of a recent update
  • Click the down-arrow button

Once you are done with that, all the hidden status will appear there and with that, you can now view the status. So, if you are wondering about the steps on how to view someone’s hidden status, just follow the steps in the above list and you can do that without any stress.

Method Three (100% Working);

This is the only sure working way, No doubt, You might also not get access to someone’s status if the person in question didn’t save your number, but there is a way to solve this problem. The simple steps on how to carry out the process are simply by telling the person to add your new number to his or her contact llist.

Once the person has added your new number to his or contact list, you can now go ahead to create a new WhatsApp account on your device by following Method 1 above. Once that is in place, you will be able to view the person in question WhatsApp Status as long as he or she does not block or restrict you from viewing their status.



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