How to Use #Hashtags to Search for a Video on YouTube

YouTube is one of the best platforms where users can watch, upload and also share videos and it has a lot of active million users around the world. There are also a lot of ways on how to search for videos on YouTube like using the title of the video. One method that people find difficult and frequently ask a question about is “How to Use Hashtags to Search for a video on YouTube”.

How to Use #Hashtags to Search for a Video on YouTube

Hashtags are mostly used on Twitter and Instagram but can also be used on YouTube, however most YouTube users are not used to this feature. This content will provide the steps on How to Use Hashtags to Search for a Video on YouTube and also tell you tips you need to know about them.

How YouTube Hashtags Works

YouTube Hashtags have a lot of features and it was introduced in 2016, and with it, users follow up on certain topics and also join discussions. With the Hashtag the user will find all the video content where the exact hashtag was mention. Hashtag also have the potential to help you get more views. It is possible because if you use the exact hashtag with others it will normally recommended viewers to your video from other videos with the same hashtags.

It also helps viewers understand the concept of your video properly, with that the viewer might not be confused when watching your video clip. With the aid of the YouTube hashtag, viewers can get updates about trending topics. Hashtags can also help to categorize your video and so can be searched for very easily.

There are also different types of tags that you can use in your video and they are compound tags, generic tags, specific tags and misspellings. You should also understand how to tag videos properly in order not to get the viewers confused. Usage of hashtags that are not related to your video might not be allowed.

If you would like to use hashtags on your YouTube videos, you must make sure that you follow the YouTube Community rules. The use violation of YouTube policy might lead to removal or restriction of your Video.

How to Use Hashtags to Search for a Video on YouTube

How to Use Hashtags to Search for a Video on YouTube is one normally asked question by YouTube users. With the aid of YouTube hashtags, users can search for specific videos where that particular hashtag is used. There are basically two ways users can search for videos using hashtags.

  • You can do a search for videos on YouTube by adding the hashtag symbol at the beginning of your phrase. It should go in this form #food
  • Another method one can search for videos on YouTube using a hashtag is by clicking on a hashtag in the title of a video

If you are don’t know how to search for videos on YouTube using hashtags then you can use any of the two steps given above. The steps are also not confusing and are very easy to carry out just follow them accordingly.

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