How to Update the Profile on Your Facebook Dating Account

There are different reasons why you might want to update your Facebook dating profile, sometimes you may not want to change any details you fill in your dating profile instead you just want to add additional information to help update your profile.

How to Update or Edit Your Facebook Dating Profile

To update your dating profile is just as easy as when you were opening a dating profile on your Facebook dating app, so do not worry because it just requires a few easy steps to achieve your aims of updating your Facebook dating profile.

Steps on How to Update Your Facebook Dating Account Profile

Here, what You will get are the easy steps needed to Update Your Facebook Dating Profile as people are looking for it.

There are a few easy steps to take when you want to update your dating profile and they are as follows:

1. Open the Facebook App and Click on Menu

In other to update your dating profile, you must first open the Facebook app on your phone or system, then click on the menu which is at the lower left part of your screen on the app.

2. Locate the Dating App

After you click on the menu button, you will see a list of all your shortcuts, search for dating and click on it.

3. Check and Tap Profile on Facebook Dating So Proceed to Check for an Update

On your dating app check and tap on your profile to enable edit and search for what you want to edit on your dating profile.

4. Carefully Check for Updates

There are different categories on your dating profile, so check and search for which you feel you need to update on your profile.

5. Change Information on Profile – How to Update Your Facebook Dating Profile

You can change and edit whatever information you choose to change on your profile, this will enable you to update your dating profile.

You can always include additional information while updating your dating profile and even add more than 10 pictures if you wish to. I hope with the steps above you will be able to understand the process and steps to take when you want to update your Facebook dating app.

Reasons Why You May Want to Update Your Facebook Dating Account Profile

We all have our different positive and negative reasons why we may want to update our dating profile which are:

  • you may be going through your dating profile and notice there is a mistake in the information on your dating profile, so this will enable you to want to update your profile to correct the mistake.
  • Some people use the dating app for scam reasons, so they always keep updating their dating profile to enable them to achieve their negative wants.
  • People who are lovers of taking pictures will always have new pictures and want to add them by changing the old ones to update the new ones on their dating profile.
  • When you relocate to a new state or country for schooling or work purposes, you may want to change and update your current location on your Facebook dating profile to enable you to get matches around you.

Note: Whatever update you do on your dating profile does not affect your main account profile, they are entirely two different profiles.


The Facebook dating app has a lot of advantages and benefits because you get to meet new people, make friends, and business partners and sometimes even end up marrying someone you meet on Facebook dating app. So, ensure you always create time to update what you feel is necessary on your Facebook dating profile.

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