How to Unlock & Watch DStv HD Free-To-Air Channels on Your Decoder

Do You want to know how to Unlock DStv Channels for Free? if You are among those looking for this, You will get the guide in this article. Welcome to Africa there is no argument that DStv is the top choice when it comes to providing African content. It is only recently that Netflix is competing heavily with it

How to Unlock & Watch DStv HD Free-To-Air Channels

DStv has been dominating Africa for decades now and they are still going strong the only downside is the subscription fee. If you don’t have a subscription but want to watch free DStv channels here is How to Unlock DStv Channels for Free

About the DStv Africa Satellite

Nowadays there are several top streaming services that are penetrating into Africa such as Netflix. They are going to be facing competition from the likes of DStv, GOtv and other popular satellite television in Africa.

Africans are not as developed and tech-savvy as all the continents of the world where streaming originated from. This is the same reason why DStv is so popular in the region  It does not require a data connection. Yeah, You do not need a data connection, all You need to do is to download the DStv Now app or visit the website.

DStv is home to the most combination of African content anywhere in this world, this is another reason why Netflix cannot easily overthrow them. Aside from Africa content, there are hundreds of other DStv channels that users enjoy to get Sports, Entertainment live TV and the free ones they can unlock.

How Does DStv Work

Dstv is your traditional network cable service that utilizes a decoder and a satellite dish to get connected to the service.

For a user to enjoy the DStv service to watch movies, series and others, first of all, needs to buy the decoder and dish. Then subscribe to any of the plans. The major Downside of why dstv is not being used by everybody in the continent is as a result of its subscription fees.

Which are really high and at the same time the lower the subscription fee the less content you get. The DStv decoder and dish need to be installed in the user house and then the person can start watching everything that DStv has to offer. The DStv decoder and dish can be installed anywhere in the continent and it will work perfectly.

Now that You know how DStv works, let’s head over to where You’ll get details on how to Unlock its’s Free Channels.

How to Unlock DStv Channels for Free

As I have mentioned before in this article the major downside to the DStv platform is the high subscription fee the customers are faced with. The higher the subscription fee the more content you have. If you decide to pay for a lower subscription you will definitely regret it because anything lower than the highest conscription is not worth it.

This is the reason why most people have abandoned and stopped using the DStv service however the dish and decoder are still installed on their houses. But I come bearing good news. The good news is that you can get free channels on your DStv even without paying for a subscription.

There are several free-to-air stations that you can unlock on your decoder to start watching today. These stations do not require any form of activating before they work all you need to do is tune to the stations and get free entertainment. For that, to work, you need to know the stations and their number they are on the DStv list.

Free to Air Channels on DStv to Unlock

There are several situations that you can wash today that you may not know to exist on the DStv platform. These stations and their code is listed below all you need to do is press it on the remote control:

  • Sabc1 – 191
  • SABC 2 – 192
  • SABC3 -193
  • TV – 194
  • Soweto TV – 251
  • Bay TV – 260
  • 1 KZN – 261
  • Tshwane – 262
  • Cap town TV – 263
  • Gau TV – 265
  • Lesotho TV – 292


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