How to Unblock Your Blocked Website URL on Facebook

Lots of People share their URL on Facebook, and most of these people get more than they bargained for from the platform because they are constantly sharing on Facebook. And if you have ever had that annoying feeling when your entire work is gone because Facebook blocked your URL especially when you earn a lot from Facebook then you should not worry or feel annoyed any more. How to Unblock your Blocked Website URL on Facebook.

There are lots of reasons why Facebook block people from sharing their URL on their platform. you might be familiar with some of these reasons, and you might not be. Most people share a lot of content on Facebook at one particular time, and if you keep on sharing on Facebook every time especially when you keep on sharing one particular URL Facebook would block you. It might be on your timeline, groups or pages.

Also, you have to be cautious when sharing a newly registered domain, because most of them have a higher risk or getting banned on Facebook. Most new domain on Facebook is first scanned to make sure that they are not misleading people or threatening to Facebook users. Facebook is trying to create a better and safer platform where all user can easily access the right information and have fun. Plus thousands of people share new domain to Facebook every day so you need to be careful with your URL so you would not have to request how to Unblock your website URL on Facebook.

Why Facebook Blocked Your URL

I Have given you lots of reasons why Facebook would block your URL but if the cause of the problem is not among what I previously stated then expect the reason because I would shed more light on that. One of the main reasons why Facebook would block your URL is mainly because most people violate Facebook policies. And when you do that, Facebook might see your URL as spam and block your URL. Sometimes, Facebook accidentally blocks your URL which is normally not usual.

Aside from that, all Facebook features have their in-built limitations that help prevent Fake users or robots from using the features. If you use Facebook features for your site more often or too often, Facebook might see you as a suspicious user and sets a limit or probably blocks you from using the feature.

How to Unblock Your Blocked Website URL on Facebook Using Facebook Debug Tool

Here I would give you the steps on How to Unblock your website URL on Facebook. This step is a lot easier than you expected. The steps are as follows:

  • When your site is blocked, and you want to fix it, what you need to do is to first go to Facebook debug tool
  • Once you are in Facebook debug tool, enter the URL that was blocked to see the warnings that need to be fixed
  • If you paste the particular link that was blocked, and it did not Debug, paste the full URL
  • After that make sure to Check settings For Facebook open Graph.

At least that should help you whenever a certain part of your Domain was blocked. Or you can just contact your Facebook help centre for more solution if you find this one hard.

How to Unblock Your Website URL on Facebook Using Facebook Ads

  • This process is very easy to go by, first purchase an ad and name it “Clicks to Website” and then enter your blog URL
  • Once you have purchased the website ad, Facebook ad team will review your link and within an hour, Facebook will approve if there was no problem
  • Once your ad is verified, your blog site URL would be UNBLOCKED

and with that, you would Unblock your website URL on Facebook using Facebook ads.



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