How to Turn On or Activate the Followers Option on Your Facebook Marketplace Account

Are you looking for followers on the marketplace? Having lots of followers shows how reliable you are. This in turn boosts your sales and draws more customers to your base. Once you know How to turn on Facebook marketplace followers, you are good to go. People having many followers on the marketplace are deemed to be trustworthy.

How to Turn On Facebook Marketplace Followers Option

So, turning on your marketplace followers will allow people to follow you and get to know more of your listings. Yes, that’s right, when you create new listings, your followers get notified instantly. This in return draws customers immediately after you create new listings. Isn’t that amazing? So what are you waiting for?

How to Turn On Facebook Marketplace Followers

It is important that You know how to Turn on Your Followers on Facebook Marketplace as it will help buyers online find and patronise You. Also, they can see your followers too. not only that, Facebook gets them notified on their newsfeed each time you create a new listing.

So, here are the steps to do this.

  • Click the Facebook marketplace icon
  • Click the see more option
  • Tap the profile icon
  • Tap your Facebook marketplace profile
  • Click the marketplace followers located at the top right of the page
  • Tap manage followers and instantly your Facebook marketplace is turned on

Now people will get notified of your new listings and this will increase your customer base. It is a good opportunity to promote your goods and services. It is a way of publicizing your products without much cost. You should know as well that everyone on the platform will see the number of followers you have once it is turned on.

How to Disable Followers on Facebook Marketplace

Disabling followers is the same as turning off the followers. The step on how to turn on Facebook marketplace following applies to disabling followers too. just tap the marketplace followers on your Facebook marketplace profile.

Then tap ‘turn off following’. You should note that you lose all followers you have once you do this.

Can I see Who is Following Me on Facebook Marketplace?

Of course yes. you can see your marketplace followers with ease. Just at the top right of your Facebook page, tap the hamburger menu. Then tap the marketplace icon, after that, you click the see more option. Right on your Facebook marketplace profile, you tap the ‘followers’ option and you will see all that are following you.

How Following Works on Facebook Marketplace

When you follow someone on the marketplace, you see their listings each time it is created instantly. Facebook gets them notified when you follow anyone. On the contrary to that, Facebook does not notify them when you unfollow them.

Talking of turning off followers; you lose all followers when you do that. that means starting afresh when you turn it on.

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