How to Turn Off Friends of Friends as Suggested Matches on Facebook Dating

Turn Off Facebook Dating Friends of Friends Suggested Matches

Get to know more about how your friends of friend’s matches are gathered and how to turn it off from your Facebook dating profile. A lot of us don’t like to see suggestions from our mutual friends because it may seem annoying or you aren’t interested at all. Check out the remaining content to fully understand it and to turn it off.

Turn Off Facebook Dating Friends of Friends Suggested Matches

Does Facebook Dating Suggest Friends of Friends?

Of course, It does. Facebook uses friends of your friend to suggest you a match on the dating profile. It works like that because Facebook dating is a platform where you find yourself matches without letting anyone around be aware of your existing Fb dating account.

Is Your Facebook Match Dating Based on Who has Looked at your Profile?

Whoever views your Facebook dating profile doesn’t determine or won’t show up on your suggestion match just because of viewing your profile account. You can check out the ways where suggested friends come from in the next paragraph below.

Where Do Suggested Friends Come From?

Facebook doesn’t just randomly put out matches on someone’s dating profile. Well, suggestions come from all gathered information about you. Either gotten from your dating profile or your location or even from your phone contact. Here is a list of how Facebook extracts your information to find your matches.

  • Mutual friends

This is where someone who is a friend of 2 or more people on the dating platform, each of whom may not be even friends on Fb dating. So, from here, Facebook suggests friends of friends to your profile.

  • Through Work & Education

You may also have some of your co-workers on the dating platform, so Facebook will get to know both of you work at the same place and then suggest both parties to each of you.

In education also, if you have a similar place of school or college in your profile then Facebook suggests you two to each other.

  • Phone Contacts

Also, if you have a contact on your phone that has an account on Facebook dating. Then it is very likely Facebook syncs your contacts to the dating account and suggests you.

  • Location

If you live in a particular area, Facebook dating always brings out suggested matches from that area only. It does go around finding you a match of someone far away or even in another state.

How to Stop Facebook Dating Matches from Suggesting Friends of Friends

However, if you feel you are disturbed by the “suggest friends of friends, you can turn it off at your own pace. Here is the fastest and easiest way to remove the suggestion feature on Facebook dating.

  1. Open your iOS or android Facebook app
  2. Go into your Facebook dating profile
  3. Then, tap on settings
  4. From there tap on General
  5. Scroll down and locate the Facebook privacy setting
  6. Lastly, toggle on the suggest friends of friends next to it


To sum up, A lot of us don’t like to see suggestions from our mutual friends because it may be annoying or you aren’t interested at all. Some people may be scared that it may uncover their identity, but Facebook has made it very difficult. That’s why your current Facebook friends will never be suggested to you on your dating profile.

Note that if you have the “suggest friends of friends” turned on, the matches will never come from someone far away or not close by.

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