How to Turn off Do Not Disturb on Your Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch

Definitely,  to turn off Do not Disturb mode on your Samsung Watch might not seem that easy to some people as it requires certain steps. Hence, if you are don’t know the Steps You need to carry out this process. Fortunately, you will get the complete guide You need in this article.

Therefore, if you are in dark about what it really entails about how to turn it off Do not disturb your Samsung Watch. Then, do make sure you pay your utmost or rapt attention to this article.

How to Automatically Sync Do Not Disturb Between Samsung Phone and Watch

To turn off Do Not Disturb Mode on your Samsung Watch can also be done same time on your Samsung Watch just by syncing them. Thus, in this section of the article will be given how to make it done. Hence, there are just these steps.

These are;

  • Your Settings app should be opened first.
  • Swipe to and tap Sync Phone settings from the Galaxy Wearable app.
  • Lastly, the switch next to Sync Do not Disturb should be tapped

Meaning of the Do Not Disturb Mode

Beforehand, turn off Do Not Disturb on Your Samsung Watch. There are some things one have to understand in the likes of the words Do not Disturb mean itself on any device.

Thereafter, getting to understand it will make you know if you are to turn it on or off, whatever situation you find yourself in. Thus, the definition of it will be given in this section of the article. Therefore, the answer to it is given below.

  • Whenever the Do Not Disturb is turned on. Incoming calls are being sent voicemail and any alerts of any calls or text messages are not done or given. With this, all notifications are being silenced in this case, therefore, making the phone not disturb you.

Now that you know about this, let’s consider the steps You need to disable it in your Samsung watch below.

How to Turn off Do Not Disturb on Your Samsung Watch

Now, to the main subject matter. The steps on how to Turn off Do Not Disturb on Your Samsung Watch will be given in detail below. Therefore, the steps to it are given below.

They are;

  • To open the Apps screen, press the Home button from the watch screen
  • Tap Settings app
  • Next, tap Advanced
  • Click Do Not Disturb.
  • Lastly, one of the following should be done. To enable/disable immediately, then, tap turn off now so as to turn off Do not Disturb.

Thus, haven given the steps to how to turn off Do Not Disturb on Your Samsung Watch, you should be able to turn it on without stress or problems.

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