How to Tell if Someone Blocked You on Facebook Marketplace

There are times you might seek ways to tell if a buyer or seller blocked you on the Facebook marketplace. However, the marketplace feature on Facebook grants you access to buy and sell items with ease. Within and outside your location.

How to Tell if You're Blocked on Facebook Marketplace

It might be difficult for you to quickly know that someone has blocked you on the Facebook marketplace. This is because Facebook does not send you a notification informing you that someone blocked you. A person that blocked you has his or her reasons, it may be for security purposes, so it is a privacy option.

Note: If someone blocks you on Facebook Marketplace, it automatically applies to your main Facebook account. This is because they are both linked together, although, they serve different purposes entirely.

Also, note that there is a big difference between someone blocking and unfriending you on Facebook. If someone unfriends you, you can send the person a friend request to try becoming friends again.

How to Tell You Have Been Blocked on Facebook Marketplace

If a person blocked you on Facebook, you can easily notice if you are very cautious. Also, if you know the way the marketplace operates basically you may be able to spot some differences. Besides, you must have had issues or misunderstandings with a buyer or seller on the Facebook marketplace.

However, we are here to help you out with some tips that you can use to tell if truly someone blocked You on Facebook Marketplace. There are some basic things to check out before concluding and they are as follows:

Search for the Person’s Name on Facebook

As a buyer or seller, the easiest way to tell if someone blocked you on the Facebook marketplace is to first leave the feature to your main account. Then, search for the person’s name and if you can’t, the person’s account might have been deactivated or the person has blocked you.

– Check if you can see the Marketplace Listings

If someone blocks you on the Facebook marketplace you definitely can’t see each other’s listings on the Marketplace. This means if you can no longer see a person’s listings on the Facebook marketplace, the person blocked you.

– Try Sending a New Message to Tell if someone Blocked You on Facebook Marketplace

You can also tell that you that someone blocked you on the Facebook marketplace if the message you try to send fails to deliver. This is because if there is an unfilled icon with a check mark, it means your message didn’t deliver.

– You are not able to Invite the Person to an Event or Group

If you cannot invite a seller or buyer From the Facebook marketplace to an event or group, then that should tell that the person blocked you. If a person is on your friend list you should be able to invite them to an event or group on Facebook.

No Access to Tag the Person in Your Post will also tell that Someone Blocked on Facebook Marketplace

Once you can no longer tag someone in your post, you should sense something. This means the person must have blocked you so you both are no longer friends on Facebook.


With the tips above you should be able to tell if someone blocked you on Facebook Marketplace. You can try contacting the blocker by using a friend’s Facebook account to send the person a message.

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