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What are you thinking in your mind… are u thinking about how to successfully date in the university, I know it can be somehow complicated but it’s the simplest thing to do. Because if you want to have a successful date in university, you just have to be yourself so that you don’t make everything more complicated.

I know as you are right now you would have someone you are crushing on and you don’t know how to tell the person, don’t worry, because it happens to everybody at your age. So, what you have to do is to be brave to talk to the girl or the guy because the university is not like college. As you know that in college If you seem like someone college you can know how to see the person again or you see someone that known the girl or the guy. But in university it does not work like that, you may see someone that you like now and if you don’ talk to the person the day you see the person it possible you won’t see the person till you graduate.

How to Successfully Date in the University

So, if you finally talk to a person and you are thinking, can I successfully date in university, don’t be down because am going to give you some step that works for me that makes me have a successful date in university. For your date to be successful in university I will advise you to follow this step and be yourself.

The steps are as follow

  • Don’t over complicate things: going on a first date with someone that you little know or know nothing about the person the date is always full of uncertainty. So don’t try to make things complicated by trying to arrange the a perfect romantic dinner, or planning a whole day, instead of keeping things short and simple, you can just talk her to a central park and just have a cup tea that if the person you want to spend a lot of time with.
  • Don’t stress things unnecessarily: it normal and natural that on a first date there must be anxiety is a thing, so we have to stay away from the things that we make your date flustered and uncomfortable. On simple thing you should do is that you sit in right Angel of your date instead of facing them directly this also takes the pressure off and try to know how to pause in the conversations.
  • Make the text short and meet in person: you two conversations could have started on an app or website, that if you have already exchanged contact or you guys meet on a dating site. But the wise thing to do is no to stay on that site for two long and make it possible for so that you people should meet in a person, the text-only give each other about the insight of each other
  • Gather information or topic about your fist date: can you go to exam hall without adequate studying, same thing happen to you if you want to go out on your first date, you think about some sort of question you could ask and some interesting answer to the questions that may come your way, and don’t do the first date like it an actual interview, though.
  • Up your listening games: everybody loves to talk about them themselves but don’t assume your date we find you as interesting as you do. On the other hand, you can let your date do all the talking, that also a product of failure. The trick is to listen intelligently and respond appropriately, such as when you summarize a point and as a follow-up question.
  • Always create a strong first impression: the first impression counts a lot because within a second someone can form an opinion about you, the best way of giving impression is to smile because the smile is one of the habits of the likable person and a sign of happiness and trainable skill. More so take your time to dress well because it also counts, because your appearance always makes people ready to stay with you all day.
  • Just be yourself: don’ try to have this thought in that dating is about winner and losers, at anytime you want to spend with the person just try to be your self because it really helps, and don’t do more than your self because we are not able to keep up to the standard you would put your self. And for you to be successful in dating in university look for the right follow up.

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