How to Stream Mobile Games on Facebook | CHECK NOW

Streaming games is not something new to most of Facebook users or YouTubers. But, streaming games on your mobile device is new to lots of people, so if you wish to know how to stream your mobile games on Facebook you do not need to worry about yourself. In this article, I would be giving you steps on how to stream mobile games on Facebook, and you would be surprised to see how easy it is. People are already doing it, so it should not be so complicated for you to get by.

How to Stream Mobile Games on Facebook | CHECK NOW

Streaming games on Facebook enables you to share your gaming experiences with your friends, your family, Facebook followers and your fans. If you ever found any interesting game, and you wish not to keep the experience to yourself, in this article I would be giving you tips on how to stream your game live without having to go through many processes.  If you have search Facebook and found no possible way to stream on the platform then let me give the way to do it with “Omlet Arcade”.

About the Omlet Arcade Streaming Application

Before getting to how to stream mobile games on Facebook we going you enlighten you about a software that can be used to do it. First, what is the Omlet arcade? Omlet Arcade is an advance tool that is very useful when it comes to recording and live streaming. The platform was designed for mobile users, and it has helped lots of Facebook account owners stream popular mobile games like mine craft and Pokémon go. The best part about using this platform is that it can help you stream mobile games to Facebook, YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. If you have not heard about this platform before, then you are lucky because it would help you especially if you are a streamer.

Features of Omlet Arcade

Omlet arcade has so many amazing features that would catch your interest, and it includes:

  • Chat is enabled to help improve the social fun experience.
  • The platform also grants you access to exciting games
  • It helps you follow your friends or other streamers and the content the stream
  • It enables users to watch the live stream
  • It helps keep gamers up-to-date with all the latest information concerning the latest games
  • It supports live streaming

With all these amazing features you should have no reason to doubt that Omlet would help you with How to stream mobile games on Facebook. the only problem you might encounter on Omlet is that users have randomly reported crashes of the app.

What You Need to Start Streaming Mobile Games on Facebook Using Omlet

All you need to start your streaming are not so difficult to go by. With that said I would be giving you a list of everything you need:

  • Omlet Arcade app (you can download the app from App store)
  • Omlet Arcade account
  • Facebook account
  • The games you want to stream and
  • A stable and fast internet connection

With all these, you are set to start your live stream.

How to Stream Mobile Games on Facebook USing Omet Arcade

For Android Device

  • Create an Omlet Arcade and log in to the arcade with the account you created
  • Tap the “+” icon, and once you do that, four option would be displayed.
  • Tap “Go Live”
  • Select the game you want to stream
  • A selection of third-party app that you can stream on would appear, tap Facebook
  • Follow the app’s steps for authentication. Tap “Next” and enter the details of your stream and tap “next”
  • There would be A 3-second countdown, and once that is done your live stream would begin immediately.

Omlet is only supported on Android 5.0 and above. Other previous versions of Android will not run the app, and you cannot live stream.

For iOS devices

Going live on Omlet arcade on iOS is a little bit different from Android. To be able to do that, first, you would need to enable iOS stream feature before beginning your stream.

  • First, go to the device’s control centre
  • Tap the “customize controls” icon
  • Add a screen recording by tapping the green plus icon
  • Make sure the streaming icon is below your control centre

With that done you can follow the steps you followed for the Android process.

This post is authored by Madago Emuobo A.K.A Mobo, the founder and Admin of Naijschools. With nearly a decade of expertise in the education sector, Mobo started with Naijschools providing up-to-date information on educational and tech-related topics on breaking news, and daily opportunities for students and graduates.



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