How to Stay Connected to Your WhatsApp Web Account Without Phone

Surely, what You are going to get in this article is the complete steps on How to Stay Connected to WhatsApp Web Without a Phone. WhatsApp web is a computer-based extension of WhatsApp on your phone. Any message that you send and receive are synced between your phone and computer.

How to Stay Connected to WhatsApp Web Without Phone

This will enable you to see messages on your phone and computer. Apart from all this, you can stay connected to the WhatsApp web even without a phone, although there’s a way this is done. If you want to know more about what this is all about, it isn’t hard.

In a detailed and simple manner, I will tell you all it is all about because that is the main purpose.

How to Download WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp web can be effectively used without a browser on your desktop. When you want to download WhatsApp web, you can download it from the Microsoft store, apple app store, or WhatsApp website. Although WhatsApp web needs a phone for you to use, there’s a way you can stay connected to WhatsApp web without a phone.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • For you to download the WhatsApp desktop, in your computer’s browser, go to the WhatsApp Download page, then download the .exe or .dmg file.
  • After doing that, open the .exe or .dmg file and adhere to the procedures for complete installation.
  • After that, it is ready for use.

How to Know if Your WhatsApp Account Has Been Hacked

There are times you notice it seems your WhatsApp account has been hacked. The question is, how do you know and how can you prevent it. Understand that WhatsApp calls themselves can be encrypted but it doesn’t make it unhackable.

Hackers can access your WhatsApp data by various means via the WhatsApp web. Knowing this will also help you know how to stay connected to the WhatsApp web without a phone.

Now, this is how to know. When you keep on seeing, “this phone can’ be verified”, or WhatsApp always highlighting frequently contacted, it shows that it has been hacked. This is how to prevent it:

  1. Log out from all computers that you see in the list under WhatsApp Web. This will stop hackers from reading your chats further. However, this should be done every time you use WhatsApp web.
  2. Do not leave your phone unattended when you are out.
  3. Lock all your apps to prevent unknown people to access your WhatsApp.
  4. Do not connect your phone to unknown WiFi connections as hackers can also use the unique MAC address to access all your WhatsApp chats.

However, if you still realize that your WhatsApp is still getting hacked after doing all of this, deactivate your WhatsApp account. Do this but send a mail to

How to Stay Connected to WhatsApp Web Without Phone

It’s not a hard thing for you to know how to use WhatsApp web without a phone. Although you will need to link your smartphone with the version of WhatsApp you’re currently using, which also includes your WhatsApp web and desktop.

So this is how you can access WhatsApp web and get access to exclusive features such as audio, video calling e.t.c even without your phone.

  • Open WhatsApp on the primary smartphone
  • Go to the three-dotted menu at the top right corner of the home page. Then click on linked devices.
  • Now, open your WhatsApp on a laptop, desktop or a tablet
  • Scan the QR code on the device through the scanner on the smartphone. The device will connect and the WhatsApp web will synchronize messages.
  • Finally, you can send and receive messages through your WhatsApp web.

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