Five Methods on How to Spot a Fake Apple AirPods Pro

Currently, Apple AirPods Pro is one of the most advanced pieces of customer tech around. But in this golden age of technology, lots of fakes AirPods are currently available. Whereas, there is a way that you can use to spot the difference. Furthermore, you will get the know How to Spot a Fake Apple AirPods Pro in this article.

How to Spot a Real and Fake Apple AirPods Pro in 2021

Also, you are in the right spot for this, as this article will thoroughly guide you on how to spot a Fake Apple AirPods Pro. Apart from this, a lot of useful information is in this post below, so you should continue reading.

What’s the Difference Between the Real and Fake AirPods?

Obviously, there are a lot of differences between Real AirPods and Fake AirPods and luckily for you, you will get to know them below. Again, it is important that you read this post to the end as it contains a lot of information.

How to Spot a Fake Apple AirPods Pro

If you are looking for the steps on How to Spot a Fake Apple AirPods Pro, you will get the complete guide below. Absolutely, there is a lot of difference between them and you will get to know them below.

Step One: By Scanning the Code Found on the Inner Side of your AirPods Pro’s Charging Case

Meanwhile, you can scan the code found on the inner side of your AirPod Pro’s charging case to spot the difference. Actually, it is the most reliable way to check out the difference. This is because AirPod Pro comes with a serial number. Also, Apple uses the serial number for confirmation on their official website.

Furthermore, write down the serial number and visit  Also, input your serial number in the empty box once the page loads. The result will show the following, valid/invalid purchase data or active/inactive repair. However, if the result is positive, your Apple AirPod Pro is real but if negative, it is fake.

Step Two: By Checking the Speaker Grill

Again, you can still spot a Fake Apple AirPods Pro by checking the speaker grill. Normally, the speaker grills on the original AirPods must be see-through. Also, you can easily see the round shape of the speakers with this. Moreover, fake AirPods Pro don’t have this important feature. So, if you didn’t see the speaker, it is fake.

Step Three: By Checking the Diffusers

On the other hand, if you check the diffusers, you can spot a Fake AirPods Pro. Normally, the alignment of the diffuser on any ear of the original AirPod Pro is always properly aligned with hollows in front of them. But little Misalignment is always on the fake products.

Step Four: By Checking the Bottom of the AirPods

Firstly, the original Apple AirPods Pro have oval-shaped diffusers however, the fake versions are usually in circular form. Secondly, on the original version, the two strips on the right and left maintain the same colour used on the rest of the AirPods. But on the fake version, the fake version is deeper.

Step Five: By Checking the Lightning Port

It is important that you know the Lightning port is where the charger goes. Importantly, in the authentic version, the metal around the sport is simple and thin. However, in the fake version, it is a little thicker. Once more, the colour is a little bit different from that of the original version.

Finally, these are the five steps you need to follow properly and you will successfully and easily Spot a Fake Apple AirPods Pro.

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