How to See Who Viewed Your Profile on Pinterest | CHECK NOW

A lot of people on Pinterest have been asking this question “How to See Who Viewed Your Profile on Pinterest”. Well, this content has the answers that you have been searching for below.

How to See Who Viewed Your Profile on Pinterest | CHECK NOW

Pinterest has a lot of users, and some people feel stalked, or just want to be conscious of people that view their profile. Well if you happen to fall under any of these categories, then You do not have to search any longer. This is because of all the answers you need as stated below.

Can I See Who Repined My Pin?

Actually, it is “not possible to see the people who viewed your profile”. However, it is very possible to see people that repined your pin. Pinterest is not just a social media platform that is based on connectivity alone but is also a search engine. This is because you can get answers to almost everything you search for.

One thing Pinterest does is that it notifies you of those that saved your pins but in case they escaped you, you can also check them out. Below is a list of some things you can check:

  • Those who pinned your pins
  • The time they were repined
  • Competitor’s profile he/she follows
  • The place the person who repined your pin is located.

So, in case you are not only looking forward to those that view your profile, just know there are other things Pinterest grants you the option to check out as stated above.

How to See Who Viewed Your Profile on Pinterest

Since seeing those who view your Pinterest profile is not possible, there is something else You can do.  Yeah, You would definitely want to check out those that repined your Pin. This is what I would be giving you below.

In other, for you to make use of this solution to see those that repined your pin; You are expected to note that you must be in possession of a Pinterest Business Account or else it would not work. Make sure it is connected to your site or the blog if you are in possession of any. The steps on how to “see who repined my pin is stated below.

  • First, you are required to log in to your Pinterest account
  • After that, go to the search bar on Pinterest
  • And then enter the URL;
  • This would grant you access to the entire details of every single person that repined your pin.

It is very easy, so, no extra method is required for you to check out who viewed your Pinterest profile. This method above is the best that I have come across, and it has proven to be very useful.

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