How to See the List of Sold Items on Your Facebook Marketplace Account

Perhaps, you have been trying to see sold items on Facebook Marketplace, and thereby it has prompted you to search for the ways or steps to do so online. Then, fortunately for you, the steps You need will be in this article.

How to See Sold Items on Facebook Marketplace

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How to Recover Deleted Sold Items in the Marketplace

As it was stated earlier, in relation to the subject matter which is How to See Sold Items on Facebook Marketplace. The steps on how to recover deleted sold items in Facebook Marketplace are what You will get below.

These are;

  • First of all, navigate to More > Activity Log.
  • Then proceed to tap Trash from the top menu.
  • Afterwards, any posts deleted within the past 30 days will be seen via Manage Activity.
  • You can then recover the past you want to retrieve by tapping it and then tapping Restore.
  • Lastly, to make a confirmation, select
  • Hence, being able to understand the above steps, you will certainly be able to understand whatever the main subject matter entails.

How to See Sold Items on Facebook Marketplace

Surely, what You will get here is the steps on How to See Sold Items on Facebook Marketplace as people are looking for it.

Note: To see what others are selling on Marketplace cannot be seen on their profile. But there is a separate Marketplace profile owned by anyone who sells on Marketplace and you can view their items on it.

So if you have an Access to their Messenger, you can just go to Archived Messages. It is located in the top left corner where chats are said and profile pic are shown. All messages from past items that have been posted or simply inquired about that were either deleted off the marketplace or sold will be shown.

Then you can see the sold items on the Facebook Marketplace.

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