How to Search for Items to Buy on Your Facebook Marketplace Account

Facebook marketplace is actually free and it makes searching for items to buy very easy. There are different ways to search for items on the Facebook marketplace.

Ways to Search for Items to Buy On Facebook Marketplace

There is a way to search for items that You want to buy on Facebook Marketplace and this post will show you how to do this.

1. Search Listings

You can use the search bar at the topic of the screen to find specific items that you want to buy from the Facebook marketplace.

2. Market Place Categories

You Search for items to buy by selecting Categories in the lower-left menu to view a list of categories and sub-categories for Marketplace items. If you Select Electronics, for instance, it will load related listings, as well as sub-categories like Mobile Phones and Computers etc.

3. Detailed search – This is One of The Ways to Search for Items to Buy On Facebook Marketplace

Another way to search for items to buy on the Facebook marketplace will be through a detailed search. Right in the middle of the menu on the left side of the screen are text fields for Price and Location. Enter your custom preferences into these fields and it will automatically filter the showcased listings for you.

4. Featured listings

Once you load Facebook Marketplace, you will see a menu of items for sale by local Facebook users. Select any of these items that you want to buy and only view the full listing. You can also select See All next to the category name to view similar items.

5. Marketplace groups – This is Among the Ways to Search for Items to Buy On Facebook Marketplace

Select Groups from the top-left menu of Facebook Marketplace to search for items to buy. This will take you to a list of Facebook groups dedicated to buying and selling items. Joining these groups will help you to stay up-to-date on the new listings by sellers in your area.

With this guide on how to search for items on the Facebook marketplace, it’s natural that you’ll want to know how to buy the items you searched on. Don’t worry I’ve got you covered.

How to Buy From Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace does not have a provision for automatic shipping or online payments. Instead, the buyers and sellers are required to communicate and negotiate payment with each other

  1. When you finally get what you want to buy on the Facebook market place do well by selecting the item so that the listing can be expanded
  2. Look closely at the price range to be sure it’s something you can afford to buy. Still, on your Facebook marketplace platform, you’ll find the price in green to the right of the image.
  3. When trying to buy something on the Facebook marketplace ways check for the location of the seller by looking for the city or state name.
  4. Tap Ask for Details. After which you can communicate with the seller through  Facebook Messenger. You can discuss your preferred payment method, a time and a location to meet and any other important transaction details.


Facebook marketplace actually uses the same account as Facebook. There’s absolutely no need to create a new account just for buying and selling. I hope you found this article useful.

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