How to Report a Scam Buyer You Sold Something for on Facebook Marketplace

Have you been trying to report a buyer on Facebook Marketplace? Or perhaps you are trying to teach someone the way to do so? Then, luck is definitely with you as this article will it show You how to do this.

How to Report Buyer Scams on Facebook Marketplace

Moreover, in addition to the main topic which is How to Report a Buyer on Facebook Marketplace, related matters to it will also be given.

What happens if You Report Someone On Facebook

After reporting a buyer, you should at least know the afterwards consequences pertaining to the buyer you report. Thus, fortunately for you, this section of the article will be given whatever will happen once you report someone on Facebook. Hence, pay your utmost attention to this article as there is just this to the answer.

  • Put it in mind that the sellers, buyers or products may be suspended or banned if they go against Facebook’s Commerce Policies. Those buyers whose fraudulent claims are filed are also subjected to consequences placed down in Facebook’s Purchase Protection Policies.

Now, below You will get to know How to Report a Buyer on Marketplace.

How to Report a Buyer on Facebook Marketplace

Surely, what You will get here is the guide on How to Report a Buyer on Facebook Marketplace as people are looking for it.

  • Tap Marketplace after tapping Menu from your News Feed.
  • At the top right, tap your item.
  • Then, Proceed to tap on your Listings.
  • Tap on a listing in which a message about or purchase was sent by the buyer.
  • The messages with the buyer should then be tapped in order to Report a Buyer on Facebook Marketplace
  • Then, the buyer’s name from the messages should be tapped on.
  • Tap from the buyer’s Commerce Profile.
  • Lastly, click Report.

Now, the steps on how to report a buyer are above, you can now follow the steps to successfully report whoever violates the Commerce Policies.

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