Complete 2021 Guide on How to Reject/Refuse a PayPal Money Request or Payment

A PayPal account is very useful for many people who buy and sell online as it is a user-friendly account. Some users have however been searching for steps on How to Reject a PayPal Request. You should note that this can be easily carried out and you would not find the process complicated.

Complete 2021 Guide on How to Reject/Refuse a PayPal Money Request or Payment

Normally, one that uses PayPal have either an unverified account and a Verified account. It would be a lot easier to Reject a PayPal Request with an unverified account. However, it is possible to use both of these accounts. You should note that an unverified account is one that you have not attached any secondary payment.

How to Reject a PayPal Request

Below, the steps on How to Reject a PayPal Request is what I will be providing. You should note that once you reject a PayPal Request the payment would be denied and refunded back to the sender. You should consider this before proceeding to carry out this process. Below are the detailed steps that you need

Step One

To begin, you would have to log in to your PayPal account through the mobile app or their official website. You are to log in with your user name and password. You will need to find information pertaining to the transaction before proceeding to refuse a PayPal request. This is very important especially if you are using an unverified account.

Step Two

Once you are done with this, you would have to look for the payment that you want to look for the PayPal Request you want to refuse. If you want to refuse a request would be listed among your most recent transaction. But it would be better to narrow it down to the date of the transaction if you have a number of different transactions.

Step Three

You would have to locate the button that is next to the transaction if you have the seen the request you want to reject. The bottom is usually labelled “Claim/Refuse”. PayPal places a button next to the transaction when an unverified user sends a payment. This will allow you to reject or accept the PayPal request.  You can proceed to press the “Refuse” button is the account if not yet verified.

Step Four

You should note that if the account is already verified, you would have to send a message to PayPal. The message you are will send to PayPal should contain the following details. Name of the buyer, the email address associated with the account and finally the date of transaction. Also, you should ensure to let PayPal know that you want to refuse the payment.

Step Five

If you have completed the previous steps, then you have to wait for 10 minutes after logging out of your account. Once done with that, log into your account to check the results. The payment information would be removed from your account and sent back to the seller if you manually refuse the payment. It would also take up to 30 days for the information to leave your account if the transaction was done by a verified account.

These are the steps you need to Reject a PayPal Request. Like said earlier, they are very easy to carry out but you would have to follow them accordingly.