How to Read Less and Still Make A’s | Ways to Become Successful in Your Academics

Everybody goes to school but not everybody cine out with good grade, but what may cause all this thing that make people not do well in school. But the major thing that make people not to come out with good grade may be because they make everything the study bulky for then self and lack strategy to pass text and examination.

How to Read Less and Still Make A's

But sometimes it may be because of the way some study has the ability to understand and comprehend what they are being teach or what they are reading, it because in school we have different type of student in class. We have some that are slow learner, middle learner and fast learner, so this make it difficult for some to come out with all A’s

You reading this, I known you fall in one of these categories and you are plain of having all A’s and you don’t want to stress your self with exams or text. It happens everybody because everybody wants to have A’s with them stressing them, we are going to give some smart way to get ready for exam without stressing your self.

Step to Follow to Read Less and Still Have an A’s

This are the steps you can follow to all have A’s and you read less

  • You must have a strategy:

Your first step is strategy this can be done in first or two weeks by aiming to get a solid foundation in all the classes and don’t spend too much time in one class and keep all your grade around. All this can be acquired by taking part of extra classes activities like project, assignment, etc.

  • Make sure you know your school’s grade policies

Know how your school calculate GPAs, grade is like a game that all student play, and the more get your self familiarize yourself with the rules the better you are good to have all A’s

  • Make sure you make first week of school count:

Make all effort to create a strong line with the teachers, and make sure they have positive reasons for know who you are, it either by your answering question and asking in class or by your responsible and respective behavior and you had working. This we make them be nice to tour and make your score very well.

  • Make yourself a volunteer to ask question and answer question:

This stage you just have to pretend or act like you are intelligence and prepared for the class, in which you can think of a thing you can say to the topic been discuss because at the end the teacher we give you the clue about the answer. This method gives the teacher we think you are paying attention in class and second that you are capable of independent thought.

  • Don’t be afraid to join a reading peer or ask for help:

Don’t be afraid to as your teacher, parent or classmate for help or to explain something for you that you have missed. It is easier to as than you using you whole day discovery the answer.

  • Make sure you are organized and use tour time wisely

Arrange your work in your mind and in a calendar, and don’t miss deadline for any assignment often come with point deduction. Don’t lose point because you could not keep up with assignment or project.

  • Revamp your handwriting

Make handwriting that is ideal and legible, put word down on the page fast but at Same time make the word readable without too much difficult. This can be done by using different pen.

  • Talk class challenge if possible

A difficult project will look great on college application but after a whole you will enjoy the challenge. All this step that have been mention works in all classes, including the challenge one or more.

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