How to Purchase WAEC WASSCE & GCE Result Checker Scratch Card & E-PIN Online

It normally takes 45 days before the WAEC result comes out after the examination but to check the result you might need the WAEC Result Checker Scratch Card. Without the scratch card pin, candidates who sat for the examination can check their results. Also, to purchase your WAEC scratch card online you might want to know the steps and candidates can just carry out that procedures using your mobile device.

How to Purchase WAEC WASSCE & GCE Result Checker Scratch Card & E-PIN Online

To purchase the WAEC result scratch card online, the user will have to follow certain steps and this content will be bringing the complete steps on how to purchase the WAEC result checker scratch cards online, the uses of the WAEC result checker scratch card, how to use the WAEC result checker scratch cards and all you will need to know.

What You Need to Know About WAEC (West African Examination Council)

One of the biggest examinations in Nigeria is the West African Examination Council (WAEC) established in 1952 and the examination is not only conducted in Nigeria but in five countries in Africa.  The headquarter of WAEC is in Accra, Ghana and the list of countries involves in the examination includes Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leonne, Liberia and Gambia.

Candidates who sat for WAEC can study in any of the five countries under WAEC using the result, the maximum subject taken in the exam is nine while the minimum is eight with Mathematics and English Language. One who wishes to enrol for the examination can enrol as a private candidate or enrol with a school.

The grade in the examination also varies as the highest grade in the exam is A1 while the lowest is F9. F9 signifies failure, while A1 signifies excellent with that candidates with F9 in a particular subject is said to fail the subject while that with A1 in a particular subject passes the subject excellently.

What You Need to Know About WAEC Result Checker Scratch Card

Once a candidate is done with the WAEC examination, it might take up to 45 days before the result comes out and to check the result the candidates will need a valid WAEC result checker scratch card. The card contains the candidate’s serial number and also the candidate’s examination details and it can be used to check the WAEC result.

The maximum usage of the card is five-time, that is to say, one can use the card only five times and one of the specific usages of the WAEC result checker scratch card id for checking of results.

How to Purchase WAEC Result Checker Scratch Card Online

The WAEC result checker scratch is now available online and here you’ll learn how to purchase the WAEC Result Checker Scratch Card online. Yeah, it will be given to candidates who somehow lost their examination ID cards. You can purchase the WAEC checker result scratch card through Remita and do that following the steps below

  • To begin visit which is their official site
  • In the “Purpose” field choose “WAEC Result Checker PIN”
  • Fill in your identities, which includes your name and other details
  • Make the required payment
  • Once you are done with that your pin will be sent to your email

Follow these steps and with the pin sent to your mail, you can check your WAEC result, using the WAEC official site.

How to Check Your WAEC Result

Once you are done buying the pin, you can check your WAEC result using the pin you bought following the steps below

  • Make sure you have an internet connection
  • Open the web browser on your mobile device
  • Using the search icon visits
  • Once the page opens, fill in your pin and other important details
  • Also, remember to fill out the examination year
  • Click “Submit”

These are the total steps to follow to check your WAEC result and note you must input your WAEC pin in the required place.



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