How to Poke Someone on Facebook 2020 | CHECK NOW

Facebook has lots of amazing features, some that users might not even know about, you should at least know this if you have used Facebook before. Facebook Poking is a feature that is not popular to everyone on Facebook, but most people using Facebook at least for a while would probably have heard of the feature. In case you have heard about what Facebook poking is, in this content I would be giving you details concerning how to poke someone on Facebook and more.

How to Poke Someone on Facebook 2020 | CHECK NOW

What is poking someone on Facebook? poke on Facebook is more like a mini-application on the platform, which every user on Facebook can use. The pokes features send a single virtual notification to a Facebook contact, this is mainly what Facebook pokes do. As at the time Facebook poking was trending, I bet so many Facebook users now were not on Facebook, that was 2007. But with the updates carried out on Facebook, the feature went into hiding, more like Facebook hid the feature on the platform. and as of 2011, Facebook poking feature popularity declined.

What Poking Someone On Facebook Means

Basically, poking someone on Facebook is more like trying to get attention on the platform. with Facebook poking, you would not have to think so hard before getting to start a conversation with him of her. Before, poking someone of Facebook is a cute and a fun thing to do. It was the main process of starting a conversation, and it became a popular thing on Facebook.

Now Facebook poking is no longer trending because new features like DMs and other ways of sending messages are now available on Facebook and other social media platforms. right now, if you poke someone on Facebook, they might feel irritated, or probably not even understand you. Facebook poking is now arguably an outdated method of flirting on Facebook. with that said, if you still want to learn details concerning how to poke someone on Facebook follow the process stated below:

How to Poke Someone on Facebook

Now that everything concerning Facebook poking has been stated to you, let us talk about how to poke someone on Facebook. Poking someone is not so hard or complicated, all you have to do is:

  • Locate the friend profile you want to poke
  • Click the drop-down menu with three dots vertically aligned on the cover photo
  • Then click ‚Äúpoke.

With that, you have just poked your friend. If the friend you poked have an idea of what poking means, then he can poke back or begin a conversation with you.


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