How to Poke Someone on Facebook App – Facebook Pokes | Facebook Poking

Facebook has always surprised users with amazing features ever since the platform was created, and most users on Facebook might have not even heard of the amazing feature Facebook used to have. One of the interesting parts of Facebook that were once an amazing feature on the platform was How to Poke someone on Facebook app.

How to Poke Someone on Facebook App - Facebook Pokes | Facebook Poking

You might be new to this feature, but this feature has been there for a long time, and only people who used Facebook from its beginning know about the feature. Well, if you want to know how interesting it is to use Facebook poke, then in this content I would be giving you details about the feature, and how to How to Poke Someone on Facebook App.

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First, what do you think Facebook poke means? Well, Facebook poke is a feature that is available to every single user on Facebook, this feature lets you poke your friends by sending them a notification that they have just been poked by you, and in form of a poking finger. During the time this feature was trending, a lot people who are on Facebook right have not even thought of signing up. This feature was one of the biggest things on Facebook during the year 2007, but with so many new features coming into the platform, the feature was slowly forgotten. As of 2011, t popularity of the feature totally declined.

Everything You Need to know About Poking Someone on Facebook

What does it mean to poke someone on Facebook? well back then, there was nothing like a messenger or any means to chat with someone on Facebook. so, the only way to get someone’s attention on Facebook is to poke the person. As at then, it was more like chatting to them until DMs, messenger, and other means of chatting was introduced. Now, nobody pays attention to poking on Facebook. most new user of Facebook would not even understand you if decided to poke them on Facebook since the feature has totally gone into hiding.

During its time, almost every single user on Facebook used it, and they had a lot of fun using it. A trend on Facebook even came up called poke wars. If you have used the feature back then you would have had a lot of fun. But now, there is no use for it, and even the former method of poking some on Facebook has been removed.

How to Poke Someone on Facebook App

Like I stated in the previous paragraph, the former method of poking someone on Facebook has been removed, so if you want to poke someone, you might not be able to do it. But there is away, and I would be stating it for you below:

  • First, you open your Facebook account using your mobile phone app, or web browser
  • Once the account opens, go directly to Facebook help centre located in settings
  • Search how to poke someone on the search bar
  • The page icon would appear, and there you would find a link at the end of the sentence “to see and send pokes, visit poke page”.
  • Click this link and you would be taken to poke page
  • There you would find your friend, click the poke icon next to them to poke them.

And with that, you would be able to poke someone again on Facebook. this would really bring back a lot of amazing memories if you have been using this before.

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