10 Sure Tips on How to Make First-Class in Nigerian Universities

  1. So many students in Nigeria today are so concerned about how to make first-class in Nigerian Universities. The reason is pretty straight-forward: the job opportunities in Nigeria are so limited and most companies tend to limit applications to only first class and second class upper students. You could also want to make a first-class because your parents would love you too. I mean, in Nigeria today, not everyone wants to work with his certificate.

10 Sure Tips on How to Make First-Class in Nigerian Universities

That aside, being a first-class student is a product of how you as a student put some factors into consideration and apply some basic truths. Honestly speaking, it’s not so different from being a normal excellent student. For example, if you know how to score 300 and above in JAMB, why wouldn’t you know how to get 75% A’s in your courses and C’s as your last grade.

Firstly, the First class is for serious minded students. “Don’t be carried away by students who say they play around and still hit great grades.” It’s definitely not a cliche!

The following tips would help to guide you on how to make first-class in any of the Nigerian Universities you might want to attend or are already attending. Good luck!

How to Make First-Class in Nigerian Universities

1. Be Ambitious

A lot of people get to misinterpret this word.

However, You need ambition and zeal before you can achieve any great feat in life;  getting a first-class is not an exception. Your ambition is your drive; it propels you to study hard,  to aim for the top.  It helps you to be purpose-driven and visionary. Nevertheless, there are some factors that could make you lose ambition or not have it in the first place.

This leads to the next point.

2. Love Your Course!

This is the major reason why I don’t blame students who rewrite Jamb over again just to get a particular course. Once you don’t have interest in the course you’re studying, you will find it difficult to be ambitious about it. Once you have passion and interest in your course, you’ll find the other tips easy to follow.

3. Start Reading Early

There’s something great about starting early: you read at your own pace. Moreover, this gives you the advantage of being able to cover your course materials early. Always avoid rushing a material close to exam.  This would ruin your CGPA. This leads us to the next point.

4. Study Your Course Materials; Never read them through like a Novel

This is one advantage of starting early. It gives you the opportunity to study your materials. I have a few study tips for you:

  • Keep your jotter handy. Always summarize all your course materials in detail when you read them the first time.
  • Read this jotter over and over again till you know virtually everything in it.
  • Memorize points. Find someone to tell what you have read.  “If you don’t remember anything outside the exam hall then,  you’ll hardly remember inside the exam hall”
  • Anything you don’t understand ask a friend to explain it,  or ask your teacher or ask Google.  Be humble!

5. Make Your Mark early

It is usually a good thing for people to know you early as a brilliant student, especially  Lecturers. Although this wouldn’t automatically give you great grades,  it could affect the approach with which you are assessed. However, this does not by any means limit what you can get in subsequent exams.

If you were not doing so well in the 100 or 200 level, you can improve in subsequent classes.

6. Use Past Questions & Ask Senior Colleagues

Reading materials is not everything you need to get a first-class. You need to be smart too. Learn to ask questions relating to how questions are set. Use past questions to practice, it helps a lot! Never let questions completely take you by surprise.

7. Always Finish Your Course Outline.

Always do this to avoid saying “He set the part I didn’t read”

8. Never Aim For Just an “A”

Whenever you plan to just get an “A”, you work with minimum requirements. This could make you skip some areas to focus on others. This helps at certain times but on average,  a Lecturer can easily shatter your expectations! Instead plan to be able to answer all questions. This would put you on a better pedestal to get a first-class.

9. Night Reading/Classes are Sacrosanct

Daytime is full of a lot of activities. It is more difficult to plan out time to read during the day. If you find time to read during the day, take it! If not ensure you study your materials taking advantage of Nights.

10. Plan Your Time Properly

It is said that Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. This also applies to daily lives in school. Plan your time very well.  Use free time efficiently. Cut back on parties, clubbing, and other activities that pose a threat to your reading schedule.


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