Complete Guide on How to Link NIN to Glo SIM | CHECK NOW

If you pay attention to what is going on in the news, then you probably should have heard about the blocking of SIM. So, if you want to spare your SIM from getting blocked, check out the Complete Guide on How to Link NIN to Glo Sim. For every Network, linking your National identification number works differently so if you are making use of a Glo sim, you should consider the steps that I would be stating for you in this content, that is you have not linked yours, and you do not want it to get blocked.

Complete Guide on How to Link NIN to Glo SIM | CHECK NOW

When the news came, a lot of people were shocked, and am sure you are among the shocked ones. Because of this, a lot of people are now getting their NIN done, just to prevent their SIM from being blocked. if you already have your NIN, you can link it right away without having to go through any hassle. Giving the Population of the country Now, I think it is a very short period of time for people to start preparing for the a make their NIN.

How to link your NIN to your Glo SIM Card

Now to the main reason for this content, how to link your Glo SIM Card to NIN just to prevent the SIM from getting blocked. well, the process is simple and straight just follow the steps stated below:

To link your NIN to your Glo SIM all you have to do is just to text UpdateNIN NIN Firstname Lastname to 109. Below is an example of how to do it.

Take for example, “UpdateNIN 12345678910 Jeffery Anayo” sent this text to 109. This message is free, so it should do not expect any charges from Glo.

If you feel the process is too complicated for you, just go to and then fill the form and submit it to get your NIN Linked to your Glo SIM card.

How to Retrieve NIN Number Using USSD

If you forgot your NIN Number, or you are not with the id card, then follow the steps stated below to retrieve the Number.

  • Open your phone and then dial *346#
  • Then type ‘1’ to select the NIN Retrieval option if you are dialing it from your mobile number used in registering your NIN.
  • Type ‘2’ to select NIN search if you have lost your number, and you would be needed to enter some of your registration details.

And with that, you have retrieved the number. You can now go-ahead to link it with your Glo SIM.


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