How to Know if Someone Hides or Blocks their WhatsApp Status from You

WhatsApp has a lot of features apart from chatting with your friends online as it can be used to do other things. Things like viewing status and a lot more interesting facts. But it might come to an extent where you might not be seeing someone’s status. To confirm it you should follow the How to Know if Someone Hides their WhatsApp Status from You.

How to Know if Someone Hides their WhatsApp Status from You

In WhatsApp, there are a lot of privacy settings like the ability to block someone from chatting with you or seeing your WhatsApp Status. With these settings, you can easily block anybody from viewing your status with just some easy steps. This content will provide the steps on How to Know if Someone Hides their WhatsApp Status from You.

NOTE: If you can’t see a person’s WhatsApp Status, then you should note that you may have been blocked or the person has not saved Your number.

How to Know if Someone Hides their WhatsApp Status from You

There are a few tips available to use if you are confused about the steps on How to Know if Someone Hides their WhatsApp Status from You. Whereas most people think that it is impossible to do that.

This is because the WhatsApp privacy policy is so strict to the extent that even WhatsApp can’t get access to your chat. When you are blocked from seeing someone’s WhatsApp status you would not get any notification about it.

So, you would even get the hint that you have block blocked from seeing the status. Let’s take for example MR. A and MR. B. If MR B. block MR. From seeing his status, he would not even have the idea that something like that happens.

Method One

By using an alternative app called GBWhatsApp and this app have a lot of amazing features. Like you can use it to view someone’s WhatsApp status even after you have been blocked and you can also use it to know if you have been blocked. Follow the steps below to do that

  • You will have to download the app on your device first before you can do begin using the app. You can get the app from this link
  • Open the app, once it is done installing
  • On the homepage, tap the icon at the top right corner
  • Select “Hide View Status”

If the person you suspected appears on the list then that means you have been blocked or the status have been hidden from you but if not then your opinion might be wrong.

Method Two

There is another method but you would have to make sure that the person you are suspecting has one common friend with you. Follow the steps below to use this person and don’t forget that you must have one friend in common

  • Contact a friend of yours
  • Ask him if he or she normally sees the suspected person status

These are just the two steps you need if you are using this method and if Yes then the suspect must have hidden or blocked you from seeing his or her WhatsApp status. But the answer might be no and that means you are wrong.

You should also not forget they you and the friend you have in common with him or her might be both blocked. So, this method might not be that accurate to use.

You can use any of the two methods above if you are trying to know if someone hides their WhatsApp status from you. Just follow the steps that suit you the most to be able to carry out such a process.

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