How to Immigrate to the United States of America (USA) as a Nanny in 2024

Are you a Nanny and you are looking to immigrate to the USA for a better job opportunity, well there are things you will need to know. There are a lot of families in the USA that is willing to hire foreign nannies to help look after their children.

How to Immigrate to USA as a Nanny in 2024

Importantly, they need someone that will stay permanently, while some are just looking for temporary care for their kids.

How to Immigrate to the USA as a Nanny

If you are ready to immigrate to the USA as a Nanny, it is necessary that you know how to migrate to the country.

To be able to immigrate to the USA as a nanny here are some of the procedures you will have to follow. These guidelines will make immigrating to the USA easy for you.

  1. Get a job offer. To be able to immigrate to the USA as a Nanny you will need a family to sponsor you so that when getting a job offer comes in your employer will become your sponsor.
  2. Apply for the visa type of your choice. To immigrate to the USA as a nanny there are different categories of visas you can apply under, each with their own requirements
  3. Fill out the necessary forms and make sure you have all the required documents

After making sure that everything is in order you will need to wait for at least 60 days before your visa will be ready and you can join your employers as a nanny in their household.

Visa for Nanny immigrating to the USA

As a nanny, there are several visas you can use to immigrate to the USA and they are listed below. You can select the one that suits your needs.

1. J-1 Visa for Au Pairs

This first visa is also called the exchange visitor visa. Nannies are referred to as Au pairs” in the J-1 visa and this visa program is valid for one year but it can be extended for an additional year.  This visa is suitable for you to get a hang of the job and how it is to live in the USA.


Here are the requirements for this visa program

  1. You must be proficient in spoken English
  2. Must be a secondary graduate or its equivalent
  3. Must be Between the age of 18 and 26 years old
  4. You must be physically capable of participating in the program.

These are some of the requirements that you have to meet in order to apply to immigrate as a nanny using this visa program. This is one of the ways to Immigrate to the USA as a Nanny

2. H-2B Non-immigrant Visas

This visa will allow you to work in the country although this is for a short period of time your employer must guarantee payment of wages for at least three fourth of the contract period and the wage must be at or above the federal, state or minimum wage or the prevailing wage rate.


  1. You must come to have a job offer from a U.S employer to perform work that is temporary
  2. The applicant must also have the correct background to qualify for the Job.
  3. You must return to your home country once the visa expires

These are just some of the requirements of this visa program that you must be adhered to. This is among the ways to Immigrate to the USA as a Nanny

3. B-2 Visa

As a nanny, you can apply for a visa using this visa. To apply for this visa you must live outside the country and are going there temporarily. For to apply for this visa you must have been working for your employer for at least six months or more.


  1. You are going to be in the country temporarily for work.
  2. Will only be in the country for a limited and specific period of time
  3. You must have financial resources to cover your living expenses for the time you will be living there

These are just some of the kinds of visas you can apply for when going to work as a nanny in the country. So, this is what Yu need to Immigrate to the USA as a Nanny

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