How to Immigrate to the United States of America (USA) as a Cleaner in 2024

If you are a cleaner, immigrating to the USA is relatively easy. As a cleaner, you fall under the unskilled worker category so you can apply for an immigration visa. An important fact to note is that you will need an employment offer before starting the immigration process. Your employer will have to sponsor your visa application.

How to Immigrate to USA as a Cleaner in 2024

How to Immigrate to the USA as a Cleaner

If you are ready to immigrate to the USA as a Cleaner, you must know how to immigrate to the country.

So, how do you immigrate to the USA as a cleaner, you may ask? The process is quite simple, though there are requirements your employer will have to meet to hire you. Here is how you can immigrate to the USA as a cleaner. Your employer must satisfy the requirements to employ a foreign worker.

You will have to apply for a visa in your home country and ensure all the requirements and all the documents are needed for you to use. Once your visa has been approved, you can travel to join your employer either temporarily or permanently.

Eligibility Requirements to Immigrate to the USA as a Cleaner

As a cleaner, there are requirements you are expected to meet. Here are some of the requirements you would need to satisfy.

  1. Work experience. You must have work experience of at least a year
  2. You must meet the age requirement of 18 or more
  3. You must also not be related to your employer in a familial relationship
  4. You are to stay only for the period required by your visa.
  5. Must have good hygiene practices

These are just a few of the requirements for you to fulfil. There may be another requirement that your employer will demand you to meet before offering you the employment contract.

Cleaner Visa Type to Immigrate to the USA

So, what visa should you apply for to immigrate to the USA as a cleaner? They are mentioned below, along with the requirements you need to meet.

1. B-1 Visa

This visa is for domestic staff of a US citizen, permanent resident or a visiting immigrant from another country. You can apply for this visa as long as your employer meets the requirements necessary. This visa also requires that you have at least one year of work experience and other requirements mentioned below.


  1. Your and your employer’s working relationship must have existed before the application
  2. The purpose of your trip is to work as a domestic employee
  3. You have evidence of compelling social and economic ties abroad
  4. You have a residence outside the United States as well as other ties that will ensure you will return to your home country

2. EB-3 Visa

This visa is eligible for those who are skilled, professionals and unskilled workers, so as a cleaner, you can apply for this working visa as you fall under the unskilled worker category. This visa also has eligibility criteria to meet to apply successfully.


These requirements are for the unskilled worker category of this visa, and they are as follows.

  1. You must demonstrate that you can perform unskilled labour, which means you must have at least 2 years of work experience or training.
  2. You must also be able to perform work qualified workers are not available for in the country.
  3. Also, you must meet any other requirements specified in the labour certification.
  4. To immigrate using this visa, Labour certification and a permanent, full-time job offer are required.

There are also other visa categories available that you can apply under. These are just what You need to know to make the application process easier and simpler for you.

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