How to Immigrate to Canada with Employment Visa in 2023

Did you know you can totally Immigrate to Canada with an employment visa? Immigrating to Canada with an employment visa means you get to live and work in the country and this post will tell you how you can do this.

This article will give you a breakdown of how you can Immigrate to Canada using an employment visa and other tips that you will find very useful.

How to Immigrate to Canada with Employment Visa

So how do you Immigrate to Canada with an employment visa you may ask. Well immigrating to Canada with an employment visa simply means going to work and living in the country with a work permit. And the first thing you need to do is to acquire employment first. So here is how to Immigrate to Canada using an employment visa.

  1. First, you will need to apply to the LMIA which stands for labour market impact assessment.
  2. After this is issued and approved you can now apply for a work permit. Now please note that work permits are employment specific except you are applying for an open work permit, so if you want to change jobs then you will have to apply for a new work permit.
  3. Once your work permit has been approved you can then work and live in Canada with your employment visa.

Also please note that employment visas are temporary and the only way to live there permanently is to apply as a permanent resident in the country.

What Does it Mean to Immigrate to Canada for Free with Employment Visa?

To be able to work in Canada you need an immigration visa, but the visa is not free there are fees and costs attached to the process of getting the visa.

To work in Canada you will have to pay a work permit processing fee and the cost varies depending on if you are applying in a group, or if you are applying for an open. And the cost does not change no matter the industry you are applying for.

You may be able to get help from your employer if he is offering you a visa sponsorship, which means he could help you split the cost of the employment visa or even pay in full depending on your value or importance in the organization or company.

For instance, if you are filling a position in the company branch in Canada, the company may sponsor you entirely for your trip and cover your expenses.

Ways to Immigrate to Canada as an Employee with Free Employment Visa Sponsorship for Free and Their Respective Requirements

Here, You will get the procedures You need to Immigrate to Canada with Employment Visa and the steps are easy.

To Immigrate to Canada as an employee using free employment visa sponsorship and their requirements we have the open work visa permit.

– Open Work Visa Permit

This permit is very different from a normal work permit because it does not require you to have a particular employer or a particular job. This work permit allows you to work for any Canadian employer. Also, it does not restrict you to a particular employer like the normal work permit does

Requirements of Open Work Permit

As part of Canadian immigration regulations, an open permit can be applied for the following.

  1. Spouse or legal partner of the temporary worker in a level A, O and level B occupation
  2. Common-law partners or spouses of foreign students who are engaging in full-time study.
  3. Also for international students who have graduated from a post-secondary Canadian institution.

This one employment visa you can apply for and its requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions.

  1. How long is a Canadian work visa valid? The Canadian work visa is valid for six months or even less and after that, you will have to apply for an extension.
  2. Can I bring my dependents with me with a Canadian employment visa? The Canadian government only allows the person with the permit to bring close family members which are spouses and children.
  3. Can I apply for a permanent visa with my temporary work visa? Yes, you can apply for a permanent visa while you are in the country you can only apply for Canada experience classes, provincial nominee programs and live-in caregiver programs.

Open this link for more details about the Canada Immigration Visa.

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