How to Get the YouTube App on Your Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch

You will get the steps on How to Get YouTube on Your Samsung Watch as the watch is a big brand a people are looking for it. So many people do not know that the Samsung Smart Watch is capable of playing media content such as video audio and more.

How to Get YouTube App on Your Samsung Smart Watch

But there are some people out there that have been looking for a way to get YouTube on their Samsung smartwatch. It is not easy to do and that is the reason why you are reading this guide today. This is a how-to guide that will teach you how to carry out this process.

How to Play YouTube Videos on Your Samsung Galaxy Watch

It is important to note that there is no YouTube application for any smartwatch that is out. Smartwatches are not made for streaming and watching videos because of their small screen and battery consumption. However, most latest smartwatches do support playing video.

Because your Samsung galaxy smartwatches are capable of playing media content such as video it means it can play YouTube videos as well. And so the answer is yes, you can play YouTube videos on your Samsung SmartWatch. That being said there are two ways of playing YouTube videos on your Samsung smartwatch which are:

  • Using a third-party youtube application.
  • Using the inbuilt browser on your Samsung smartwatch.

These two methods are the only way you can make use of YouTube video on your Samsung smartwatch besides these there is no other way.

How to Get YouTube on Your Samsung Galaxy watch

It is either you use a third-party youtube app or make use of your inbuilt browser on your galaxy wash in order to stream YouTube videos. If you do not want to use the inbuilt browser on Samsung you can download any other browser from the Samsung store.

Also for the YouTube third-party application, you can use any YouTube player on the app store as well. Let’s see how to do them below:

Method One: Using Your Samsung Watch Browser

This procedure is very easy to do all you need to do is download any browser from the app store on your Samsung watch and visit YouTube. Follow the below procedure to do so:

  • Wake up your Samsung galaxy watch.
  • Navigate to the home screen.
  • Look for the Samsung Galaxy app store.
  • Type and search for Samsung internet or any other browser of your choice.
  • Select install to download and install the application to your device.
  • Once the browser is finished downloading launch it.
  • Now scroll down to where you have bookmarked and select YouTube.
  • Start streaming YouTube.

Method Two: Using a Third-Party YouTube application

Meanwhile, there is another method you can use on How to Get YouTube on Your Samsung Watch and you will get the steps below.

There used to be several third-party YouTube applications that you can download from the galaxy app store on your smartwatch. Most of them have been removed however there is still one that is left that can be used which is Watch Tube. All you need to do is download and install this application on your Samsung Watch and start streaming YouTube.

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