How to Get the WhatsApp App on Your Apple Smart Watch

You will get the steps on How to Get WhatsApp on Your Apple Watch here as this watch is a very big brand and people are looking for it. Apple watches are one of the best smartwatches available to use on your wrist in the world today as we know of. These watches are feature-packed and elegant looking that almost everyone wants a piece of it.

How to Get WhatsApp App on Your Apple Smart Watch

If you talk about WhatsApp it is the most used social media messaging application. However, it will come as a surprise to you that there is no sign of a WhatsApp application on your apple smartwatch.

After years of the release of the first Apple watch, we are still not sure if WhatsApp will call me or if we are ever going to get WhatsApp on it.

WhatsApp on Apple watch

WhatsApp is the know champion of social messaging applications with over 2 billion users. That is double the amount of users that are on Facebook and so many other social media platforms. When WhatsApp launched for the first time it became an instant hit and was loved by almost every user.

The WhatsApp plus one began growing aunty Facebook took over and has grown to where it is today. Today WhatsApp is the number one messaging application people go-to for both socializing and business.

With the number of users that WhatsApp has one would have thought that as soon as smartwatches started to exist a WhatsApp application should have been made for them. That is not the case in fact the reverse is easily the case here as there is no sight of any WhatsApp application for your Apple smartwatch.

Both officially and not officially there is no sign of a WhatsApp application for your watch. All the years of users are demanding that there be a WhatsApp application. Nothing has been done neither by WhatsApp nor any third-party developer. The crys of apple watch used for a WhatsApp application has fallen on deaf ears.

WhatsApp Messenger for Smartwatch

To give you more disappointing news they have not been any indication of the official WhatsApp application being worked on for the Apple watch. Also, there is no word on any third-party developer that is trying to make an application to use WhatsApp on your wrist either.

So the wait has to continue for eager fans that just use the official WhatsApp on Their apple watch. Although as you wait keep in mind that there might not be WhatsApp coming for your apple watch ever.

How to Get this Application on Your Apple Watch

I know most of you are already getting disappointed is that there is no indication that WhatsApp is coming to your smartwatch.  That being the case it does not mean there is no way to use this application on your Apple watch.

Watches are made to be a companion to your smartphones which means they give you notifications anytime your smartphone screen is off. The good news is that notifications can be turned on for all applications on your smartwatch including WhatsApp. This means you will be able to get WhatsApp notifications on your watch.

Getting WhatsApp notification on your smartwatch is the only possible way to use this application on your Apple watch for the time being. And it might be the only way or less a WhatsApp application is made For That purpose.

How to Get WhatsApp Notification on Your Smartwatch

Follow the below procedure to know how to get WhatsApp notifications on your smartwatch:

  • Unlock your iPhone and head over to settings.
  • Select notifications and choose WhatsApp.
  • Switch on show in notification centre and show in lock screen.
  • Once that is done open your Apple Watch application.
  • Tap on notifications.
  • Scroll down to where you have your WhatsApp application and toggle notifications on for it.

When that is done correctly you should not receive notifications for WhatsApp anytime there is anything worth notifying you. You can now reply from your Apple watch and it will be affected on your WhatsApp account on your iPhone.

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