How to Get Vimeo on Your Samsung Smart Watch

Vimeo is a streaming platform that has lots of videos to stream for free online when you visit the platform on any device. This platform is just like YouTube and allows users to visit and stream any video they want online without paying a dime. This post will bring the steps on How to Get Vimeo on Your Samsung Watch.

How to Get Vimeo on Your Samsung Smart Watch

However, they make use of commercial ads. Just like YouTube, the Vimeo application provides all sorts of videos to stream on your mobile device. Now, what if you want to make use of this application on your Samsung smartwatch? As a result of that, we are going to take a look at how to get Vimeo on your Samsung watch.

Vimeo on Galaxy Smart Watch

Yes, it is very much possible to get Vimeo on your Galaxy Watch. However, is not the same as when you use it on your mobile phone. Just like many other social media applications, there is no official app for the Vimeo platform on the Galaxy Watch or Samsung watch.

To further complicated issues there is no telling if there will ever be an official or a third-party application to use Vimeo on your watch. As I have said above it is possible to get the Vimeo or use it on your Samsung Watch without having to install any applications because there is no app.

So to make use of this application on your Samsung Watch is by getting notifications for it just like the way your Smart Watch functions. Most smartwatches that are not mobile devices on their own help to display notifications from your mobile phone.

When there is a notification on your smartphone from Vimeo and your smartphone screen is off you will receive a notification on a smartwatch. This is the only possible way to make use of this application as we know of today on your Samsung watch.

How to Get the App on Your Galaxy Watch

Absolutely, if You are looking for the steps on How to Get Vimeo on Your Samsung Watch, You will get the guide in this post. Of course, you have to install the Vimeo application on your Samsung device in order to enable notifications for it on the Samsung watch. The first step in getting this application on a Samsung Watch is to, first of all, install it.

Follow the below procedure to download and install Vimeo on your Samsung Galaxy device:

  • Unlock your smartphone.
  • Tap on the menu.
  • Scroll down to where you have Google Play Store and type on it.
  • Once the Google Play Store is open tap on the search bar.
  • Type in “Vimeo” and search for it.
  • Select the application of the list and tap on install.
  • Allow the application to completely download and install then launch it.
  • Finally, sign in to your Vimeo account.

How to Get Notifications for Vimeo on Your Samsung Galaxy Watch

Now that you have successfully installed the application is now left to activate notifications on it on your Samsung Watch to receive them. Therefore follow the below procedure to activate notifications for Vimeo on your watch.

  • Take off your Samsung device and unlock the.
  • Press the menu and navigate to your Samsung Galaxy companion app.
  • Launch a companion application and turn on notifications.
  • Select all notifications.
  • Now scroll down to where you have Vimeo and toggle notification on for it.

Once that is done you can now start to receive notifications for Vimeo on your watch anytime your Samsung phone screen is off.

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