How to Get Viber on Your Samsung Smart Watch

Viber was one of the very first instant messaging and video calling applications to ever exist similar to WhatsApp. The application lets you send messages and receive instant replies from your friends and family provided you have their contacts. This post will bring the steps on How to Get Viber on Your Samsung Smart Watch.

How to Get Viber on Your Samsung Smart Watch

It is no news is simply one of the best instant messaging applications to ever exist however it does not have much user base anymore as it once does. If you are a user of the Viber application and you are looking for a way to get it on your Samsung watch then you are on the right article.

Viber for Android

Whenever you hear about Viber your mind simply goes to a free social media application that you can use to chat instantly and make video calls with your friends. Just like what’s up this application also has end-to-end encryption which means sending and receiving messages as secure.

There are no prying eyes that can have access to your chat on Viber. Although the application is not as popular as it once was it is still being used worldwide by hundreds of millions of people.

If you are tired of using WhatsApp telegram and many other social media chat applications it might be time to go back to Viber. I know most people already have a Viber application and an account during the times when Viber er was very popular. Using the Viber application you have access to many features just like you have on WhatsApp.

Features such as instant messaging, free video calling and audio calls, group chat, sticker packed and much more.

Viber on Samsung Smart Watch

So the answer to the question is yes it is very much possible to get the Viber application on our Samsung watch. The reason for this is that you can easily download it from the Play Store on your watch or your Galaxy companion app.

On your Samsung watch, the Viber application is almost the same as the one on your phone. It is just like a miniature version of it that can be installed and used on your watch without picking up your phone.

How to Get Viber on Your watch

Definitely, what You will get here is the steps on How to Get Viber on Your Samsung Smart Watch as people are looking for it. Follow the below procedure to learn how to get the application on your Samsung watch:

  • Follow the above procedure to install Viber on your Samsung phone.
  • Open your Galaxy watch companion app.
  • Scroll to where you have Viber and install it.
  • Once the installation is complete take up your Samsung Watch and launch the Viber application.
  • Finally, sign in to your account and start using it.

So, these are the steps You need on How to Get Viber on Samsung Watch, all You have to do is to follow them properly.

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