How to Activate & Start Using Units in Your Facebook Group

Have you been on the thought of how to get units in your Facebook group? Then your thought on it is definitely going to end. This article is primarily going to detailedly explain the way how to get units in your Facebook group.

How to Get & Start Using Units in Your Facebook Group

However, what do you understand by the word units? Units are aids that help group admins to enable the organization and sharing of content and resources with their members. The way it works seems like the education module. It is now recently referred to as Guide.

Thus, if you are in dark on how to get into your Facebook groups, pay your utmost attention to this article as it will be detailedly explained.

How to Activate Guide or Units on Your Facebook Group

This section of this article will be explained the way to activate a guide on your Facebook Group. However, you shouldn’t forget that guides are the recent name for units. Therefore, there is just a simple step to it.

  • It is not all groups that there is the availability of guides. It is only the social learning groups, in likes of show Facebook help. Thus, Guides can be activated by switching on and off seamlessly but can only be activated by the group admins.

Hence, you should be able to activate your units on the Facebook group without problem as soon as you set up your units.

How to Post a Guide or Units on Facebook

Posting a guide or units is one of the actions one take after setting it up, therefore, in this section of the article will be given the way to do so. There is just this to it.

It is;

  • Open your Facebook Page or your personal profile. After which your copy in the “Write a Post” section will be entered, not excluding some main or important elements in the likes of the link and image. The moment you are done, make a click on the “Share now” to publish your post.

The above steps should be followed meticulously to achieve a successful post of the guide or units on your Facebook page.

Social Learning Group on Facebook and How it Works

This question is one of the frequently asked questions related to the subject matter. As this group is the only group where the activation of a guide or unit can be made successful. Therefore, there are just these to it.

These are;

  • On the group, posts can be organized by the admins into guides and orders can be changed in their way of appearance.
  • The members of this group can make a tap on “I’m done”. This is to bring the notice of the admin to the post they have interacted with in a guide.
  • Group insights can be viewed by admins and details on guides and post-completion can be seen.

How to Get Units in Your Facebook Group

Now to the main subject matter, the way to get units on your Facebook Group will be given in this section of the article. Therefore, there is just this to it.

It is;

  • To get units for your group, tap on the “Edit Group Settings” on your desktop. Change the type of the group to Social Learning. Thus, this action will add a units tab to your group. After one unit is finally set up, your group type can be changed at any time. Access to this feature would still be available.

Thus, haven explained and understood what the subject matter entails all about, you can now successfully get units on your Facebook Group.

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