How to Get the Dating Feature Back After You Reinstall the Facebook App on Your Android Device

Maybe you have found a better dating app, or it was just an impulse that you deleted Facebook dating on your android device, or you mistakenly deactivated it. As mentioned in the article’s title, we would show you how to reinstall Facebook dating on your android device.

How to Reinstall Facebook Dating on Android

Why Can’t I Find My Facebook Dating on Android Anymore?

The reason you wouldn’t see the Facebook dating app on your android device anymore are as follows;

  • Deleting Facebook

Since the Facebook dating feature is embedded inside the Facebook app, then deleting Facebook will also take away your access to FB dating on your android device.

  • Disable Facebook

Maybe you have lost interest in FB dating, or you’re fed up. You can take a break from FB dating and FB dating will remove on your android devices you can also delete the entire FB dating, which includes your data.

Maybe you deleted the Facebook app on your android device or you deactivated your Facebook dating. (Take a break, delete profile)

How to Fix Fb Dating on Android that Stopped Working

Some people can’t find the FB dating app because their Facebook app has too much cache. So, what you have to do is wipe the cache in app info or setting depending on the type of android you are using. Then restart the phone.

if it doesn’t work, check if there’s an update available and update it or you can just uninstall and reinstall it.

How to Reinstall Facebook Dating on Your Android Device

There are certain things You’ll do that will enable use the Dating feature again on your android device after You reinstall the Facebook app. They are as follows;

  • Reinstall Facebook

Reinstalling the Facebook app on your android device and all your data would automatically come back. You can reinstall Facebook on Google Play Store. After logging in to your Facebook app, all your data on FB dating would automatically come, providing you didn’t delete your FB dating profile.

  • Reactivate Facebook dating

If you deactivated your Facebook dating and still have the Facebook app on your android phone.

  1. Go to the menu section of Facebook and click on profile.
  2. You’ll see a purple half heart. Click on it.

You have successfully activated FB dating on your android device.

  • Recreate a new Facebook profile

If you deleted your FB dating completely, create a new profile.

Note: You can’t create a new dating profile immediately. Wait for seven days from the day you deleted the profile.


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