How to Get QQ on Your Samsung Smart Watch

Samsung watches are some of the best smartwatches ever made. The latest Galaxy series for Samsung Watch has been a huge success all around the world with millions of users having it on their wrists. But this post will show You how How to Get QQ on Your Samsung Watch.

How to Get QQ on Your Samsung Smart Watch

One of the main reasons why people love using Samsung watches is the availability of third-party applications to choose from. Another thing is that they are highly customisable. Speaking of applications do you know you can get the QQ app on your Samsung watch?

Install QQ on Samsung Watch

There are not very many social media applications that are usually successful on mobile that are available on smartwatches. One of the main reasons for this is that the manufacturer of these usually successful mobile applications such as WhatsApp do not deem it fit to release their apps for smartwatches.

This is because they mainly think that they have already been usually successful even without the help of smartwatches and it is not worth the time energy and resources.

That being said they are also other usually successful applications for social media that are also available for smartwatches. The only problem is that the QQ application is not available for your Samsung Watch and cannot be installed.

If you are wondering why is this? It is because there is no QQ application for smartwatches, not third party or official. So it is impossible for you to install the QQ application on your Samsung watch.

Get QQ on Samsung Watch

Despite not being able to download and install the QQ application on your SmartWatch you can very well get it on your Samsung watch. You can get it on your walls because all smartwatches are designed to act as notification displays for your phone’s screen.

This means that if you download and install the q2 application on your smartphone and enable notifications for it when your phone screen is off you will get it on your smartwatch. Therefore the only way to get QQ on your SmartWatch is only through notifications.

QQ App on Google Play store

The QQ application is a social media application that is usually popular in China because it was made as a replacement for WhatsApp. You all agree with me that in China there is serious restriction and prohibition against Western social media applications. This is the main reason why WeChat and QQ are so very popular in China.

QQ is an instant messaging social media application that gives you access to instant chat messages video calls audio calls voice notes just like WhatsApp. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store app installed on your Android phone even outside of China.

There is one problem though which is the fact that the application is solely in Chinese. But rest assured that this is not a turning point from using this app because the language barrier can easily be navigated.

How to Get QQ on Your Samsung Watch

Absolutely, what You are going to get here is the steps on How to Get QQ on Your Samsung Watch as people are looking for it. The first step of getting the QQ on your Samsung watch is by downloading the app. So follow the below procedure:

  • Launch the Google Play store.
  • Type and search for QQ.
  • Install the application to your Samsung device.
  • Launch your Samsung companion application.
  • Tap on settings and select notifications.
  • Select all notifications.
  • Finally, scroll down to go you have the QQ application and activate the toggle button.

Once the toggle button for the QQ application has been successfully activated You can now receive two notifications on your Samsung watch.

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