How to Get the Prime Video App on Your Xiaomi Mi Smart TV

Surely, You will get the steps on How to Get Prime Video on Your Xiaomi Smart TV as the TV is a big brand and people are looking for it. Xiaomi is one of the best smartphone makers we have presently they are fairly a new company and are gaining ground every second.

How to Get Prime Video App on Your Xiaomi Smart TV

The company makes some of the best and latest smartphones with lots of features never seen on any other device. The question is what about their smart TVs? Xiaomi is also a contender in the Smart TV market with lots of customers wanting to get their hands on its smart TV.

Also, the good thing is that these smart TVs can access the popular Amazon Prime video application. that is why I will show you how to get prime video on your Xiaomi Smart TV on this guide today.

Amazon Prime Video on Xiaomi Smart TV

Amazon Prime Video is one of the best and biggest on-demand streaming services that also happens to be owned by Amazon. Which is one of the biggest companies in the world. The Amazon Prime video service is just like Netflix or any other streaming service that provides you with the latest movies and series to stream.

One of the things that set this service apart is its category of movies and series with their award-winning originals. It any safe to say there is no shortage of entertainment if you subscribe to the prime video service today.

Xiaomi smart TV on the other hand comes pre-installed with the brand video application out of the box. Meaning that they have the support of the Amazon Prime Video application on Their OS which is made possible by android.

However, if you use other older versions of the Xiaomi TVs that do not run the Andriod OS you will need a different method to use the prime video application. Don’t worry all methods would be discussed below.

How to Get Prime Video on Your Xiaomi Smart TV

The amazon prime video application normally comes pre-installed on your only smart tv for newer version models. Sometimes it might not come installed on your tv and you have to manually install it from the google play store if yours is running on Android. Follow the procedure below to do so;

Install the App on Your Xiaomi Android TV

If your Xiaomi TV did not come pre-installed with the prime video application follow the below procedure to download and install it from the Google Play store:

  • Connect your Xiaomi TV to Wi-Fi with internet access.
  • Tap on apps and select Google Play Store from the list of applications.
  • Launch the Google Play Store and type in a prime video on the search bar.
  • Select the prime video application from the list of results.
  • Click on install to download and install the prime video application to your TV.
  • Open the application you have downloaded and love in your prime video account.
  • On your laptop or smartphone head over to the prime video activation website.
  • Again login to your prime video account and enter the activation code on your TV screen.

Once you have done that correctly then you can now start streaming all the wonderful content prime video have to offer.

Install the App on an Older model Xiaomi TV

If you have an old model of these are my Smart TV that does not make use of the Android OS nor have Google Play store your only option is mirroring.

What you do in this case is download the prime video application on your mobile device and then mirror it to your Smart TV. This method will work because no matter how old your Smart TV is it has the Chromecast feature that can be used to cast images on it.

After you have downloaded the prime video application start streaming any video and connect your phone to the same Wi-Fi as your TV. Finally, you can click on the cast icon on the prime video application and select your TV to start streaming.

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