How to Get the Prime Video App on Your Sony Smart TV

Definitely, You will get the complete steps on How to Get Prime Video on Your Sony Smart TV here as the TV is a very big brand. When it comes to TV manufacturers Sony is one of the biggest names and one of the best in the business of making televisions.

How to Get Prime Video App on Your Sony Smart TV

They have been in the game long enough and they have everything it takes to dominate in that aspect as they are doing today. The activities are widely being used all over the globe with a lot of support and features.

If you love streaming, did you know that you can get the Amazon Prime video on your Sony smart television? Do you have a Sony smart television? If you want to know exactly how to do that then you are on the right path.

Amazon Prime Video on Sony Smart TV

Whenever you hear the name Amazon Prime video what comes to mind? I will tell you what comes to my mind. What comes to my mind is that this is one of the biggest names in the streaming on-demand service industry.

Not just because it is owned by Amazon but because of the quality content you will get if you pay for a prime video subscription. The Amazon Prime video service is a video-sharing subscription-based platform. Where you have access to watch movies TV series and shows on demand.

In fact, Amazon Prime Video is one of the best on-demand streaming services with lots of blockbuster content and award-winning originals. Have you heard of the boys or Jack Ryan and have you seen the expense?

If you have then you would be convinced that it is this service is worth paying the 12$ a month subscription fee. The Amazon Prime application is available on a slew of many devices including smart TVs. Sony TV’s make it very easy to get the prime video application whenever you want.

This is due to the fact that most sunny smart TVs these days come with the Android OS installed on them. And we all know that you can download the prank video application from the Google Play Store present on your Sony Smart TV.

There is even better news this is the fact that most sunny smart TVs these days do come pre-installed with the prime video application. If that is your situation all you need to do now is to log in. And activate prime video on your Sony Smart TV or else carry out the procedure below.

How to Get Prime Video on Your Sony Smart TV

If your Sony Smart TV did not come with the prime video application pre-installed or you may have uninstalled it don’t panic. The procedure below will show you how to install an active prime video on it:

  • Connect your Sony TV to Wi-Fi with internet access so as to download the necessary materials.
  • Navigate to the home page and select apps.
  • When you have selected apps navigate to where you have Google Play Store and tap on it.
  • The left side of the Google Play Store app on the search button.
  • Now type in the words ‘Amazon Prime video.’
  • Press the okay button to start the search now select the prime video application from the list of results
  • Tap on install to download and install the app to your TV.
  • Once that is done open the prime video application you downloaded.
  • An activation code will be displayed on your screen.
  • On your mobile phone or computer head over to the prime video app activation website.
  • Login to your account and enter the activation code displayed on your TV screen.

Immediately you enter the Amazon Prime activation code displayed on your TV screen. on your account on your computer or phone, it will automatically start to stream. However, if you do not have an Amazon Prime Video subscription you can’t stream it.

Watch the APp Vidoes on Older Sony TV

If you have an old Sony Smart TV you can also catch the Amazon Prime video streaming service life however not with the application. This is because there is no support for prime video applications on older Sony Smart TVs.

The feature that will make this work is the Chromecast feature. Which you will use by connecting your TV and your smartphone to the same Wi-Fi. And also,  casting the prime fill your application from your phone to the TV.

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