How to Get Plex on Your Philips Smart TV

If you are someone who loves streaming movies on Netflix, Hulu or another popular streaming service you will be glad to know Plex. This is because it is a free streaming service that gives you access to on-demand titles as well as live TV. However, this post will show You How to Get Plex on Your Philips Smart TV.

How to Get Plex on Your Philips Smart TV

If you are the title of downloading movies and have quite a good collection you can easily stream them from where you downloaded them to your other devices. This can be done easily on your Philips Smart TV.

Plex on Philips Smart TV

Firstly, Plex is an exciting application that only thinks about the best for you. As you can gather from the introduction above it is into the fold. The first phone is giving you the mad content with over 20,000 channels to watch your favourite movies series documentaries and more. This means that it acts as an on-demand streaming service just like Netflix and others.

Not only does it give you access to stream on-demand service there are over 200 live TV channels available to enjoy on Plex. So if you do enjoy the live TV service a lot then you are certainly going to love plex.

The second aspect of how plugs function is by functioning as an interface for you to stream movies you already have downloaded on your device. What this means is that if you do not want to stream on-demand or you simply want to watch your own movies you can do so.

Also, the way this works is that you can access the movies you have on a device let’s say your computer and stream them on your Philips smart TV using Plex. Saving you the process of copying movies on a drive and then transferring them to your TV or any other devices you want to use in streaming.

The Plex application can be installed on your Philips Smart TV because it runs on Android. Therefore you can download and install plex to start enjoying it today if you have a Philips TV.

Devices that Support Plex

Plex is kind of a universal application that is supported by almost all devices internet and streaming capable. However below is the list of devices that are supported by this application as seen on their website:

  • Android phone and tablet
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Chrome app
  • Chromecast
  • Echo Show
  • Fire Tablet
  • Fire TV and Fire TV Stick
  • iPhone and iPad
  • LG TV and Blu-ray player
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 4
  • Roku and Roku Stick
  • Samsung TV and Blu-ray player
  • Sony TV and Blu-ray player
  • TiVo
  • Windows 10 PC and tablet
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One

How to Get Plex on Your Philips Smart TV

Definitely, what You will get here is the guide on How to Get Plex on Your Philips Smart TV as a lot of people are looking for it. If you have a Philips smart TV that is running on Android then the work is almost done because the Plex application can easily be installed on it.

Plex is available to be installed on Android and by extension on all Android smart TVs. Follow the below procedure to do so:

  • Turn on your Philips smart TV.
  • Make sure it is connected to the internet and there is internet access.
  • Navigate to the home page by pressing the home button.
  • Launch the applications tab.
  • Select Google Play Store and launch it.
  • Tap on the search bar at the left part of the screen and type in plex.
  • Press OK and select the application from the list of apps displayed.
  • Click on install and wait until the application is installed and launched.
  • Sign in to your place account and start streaming.

So, these are the steps You need to Get Plex on Your Philips Smart TV.

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