How to Get the Pinterest App on Your Apple Smart Watch; Guide

Surely, What You will get here is the complete steps on How to Get Pinterest on Your Apple Watch as people are looking for it. Most people making use of the iPhones also have the Apple watch paid to it on their wrist. The Apple watch on its own is an entirely new device bringing more options when paired to your iPhone.

How to Get the Pinterest App on Your Apple Smart Watch

So many people wish they could use many applications installed on their iPhones on their watch. One of the main apps people have been looking for ways to use is the Pinterest application.

Uses of the Pinterest App on Apple Watch

You can make use of the Pinterest application on your Apple watch after installing it. However, you can also get notifications for Pinterest when they are enabled for the Pinterest application on your Watch from your iPhone.

This means there are basically two ways you can use Pinterest on your Apple watch which is not so for other types of watches. To use Pinterest on your Apple watch you will have to download and install the application. Which you will use in assessing interest.

It is important to know that at this point where is the official Pinterest application for your apple watch. This application I am talking about is called your wrist pin it is a third-party application that lets you access Pinterest on the Apple watch. The application can be downloaded easily from the Apple Store and installed on your watch.

Features of the Wrist Pin Applications

The main feature of this application is that it allows you to browse Pinterest on your Apple watch easily. However below are all the features:

  • Gives you access to browse your home feed I also feed on your followers and those you follow.
  • You can view people’s profiles complete with pictures and everything.
  • Also, You can view pins and also view all the details about them.
  • In addition, the application supports HD photos.
  • Meanwhile, You can log in and log out securely with this application.
  • The application lets you receive Pinterest notifications which can be viewed by tapping on them.
  • It gives you access to the search feature to search for people and pins on Pinterest.

Furthermore, the wrist pin application is basically one of the best social media applications available for all Apple watches from a third-party source. Almost everything you can do on the main Instagram application on your phone can be done on the wrist.

How to Get Pinterest on Your Apple Watch

To download and install any application we all know that you must access the app store by it on your SmartWatch or your iPhone. So to download the wrist pin application which is available on your app store you can either install it from the Watch itself or from your iPhone.

All this article will focus on installing it directly on your Apple watch so follow the below procedure:

  • Press the digital crown on your Apple watch to see the home screen on it.
  • Select and tap on the app store
  • Where the App Store is open up on the search bar and type in wrist pin.
  • Top of the application and select get.

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