How to Get the Netflix App on Your TCL Smart TV

Absolutely, what You are going to get in this article is the complete and sure steps on How to Get Netflix on Your TCL Smart TV. We need no introduction to the Netflix platform because we all know that it is the leading on-demand streaming service with blockbuster content available today.

How to Get Netflix App on Your TCL Smart TV

Netflix is the fan’s favourite streaming application in the world because of its extraordinary content. Most of the movies and series we all love and enjoy are basically made by Netflix. TCL is one of the new competitors in the Smart TV industry making lots of widely used TVs. If you have one and you love Netflix then here is how to get Netflix on your TCL Smart TV.

Netflix on TCL Smart TV

Firstly, Netflix needs No introduction this is because Netflix is the most-used streaming service we have anyone right now. They have been dominating the on-demand streaming television business for quite a long time. Netflix provides you with TV shows, movies, series, documentaries, comedy stand-ups and more for your viewing pleasure.

You will not find any other streaming platform that is as entertaining as Netflix. This application has a feature that lets content be added to a watch list for a reminder so that when you are done watching other movies you can catch them.

Contact or even available to be saved for offline streaming anytime you do not connect to the internet. There are basically three tiers of Netflix subscription. The basic plan which course is $8.99, a standard plan cost 12.99 dollars and finally the premium plan which cost 15.99 dollars a month.

The standard plan gives you high definition videos, the basic plan gives you standards definition videos while the highest plan which is premium gives you an ultra-high-definition. Coming Netflix can be easily installed on all the latest model TCL smart television because they basically run on 2 operating systems.

Your TCL smart TV in that comes with the Android TV OS or the Roku TVs, the good news is that both of these operating systems come with their respective app stores. you can easily install the Netflix application from these app stores.

How to Get the App on Your Smart TV

If you have a smart TCL TV that is running on the Android OS it is easy to download and install Netflix on it. All you have to do is visit the Google Play store and search for the next week’s up to download it. Follow the below procedure to do so exactly:

  • Turn on your TCL Smart TV and connect it to Wi-Fi.
  • Tap on the home button on your remote control to go to the homepage of your TV.
  • From the homepage click on the apps tab.
  • Select Google Play Store from the list of applications and launch it.
  • Tap the search bar and type in the words Netflix.
  • Select the Netflix application from the list and click on install.
  • Once the application is done installing lunch it and an activation code will be displayed on your screen.
  • Head over to the Netflix activation website and input the code to activate Netflix on the TCL Smart TV.

How to Install the App on Your TCL Roku TV

To install Netflix on your TCL Smart TV running Roku always follow the law procedure:

  • Turn off your Roku TCL television and connect it to Wi-Fi.
  • Navigate to the home page and select streaming channels.
  • Launch the channel store and scroll down to select Netflix from the available apps section.
  • Open the Netflix application and sign in to your account.

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