How to Get the Instagram App on Your Apple Smart Watch

Surely, in this article, I will be guiding you through the process of how to get Instagram on your Apple watch if you have one. Not only can you make use of Facebook on your apple SmartWatch you can also use the Instagram application on it as well.

How to Get Instagram App on Your Apple Smart Watch

About Instagram on an Apple Watch

One of the most important questions people keep asking is if they can make use of Instagram on their apple smartwatch. The answer is yes you can make use of Instagram on your apple smartwatch in two different ways.

One of the ways is the official way of making use of Instagram on your Apple Smart Watch and the other is a third-party application you can use. The iOS SmartWatch does not come with social media applications like Facebook Instagram and Twitter pre-installed on it.

The only way you can use those applications is through a third party on your apple smartwatch. That is why I will be showing you the two methods 1 which is the official method and the other is the third party method to use Instagram on your watch. The methods are:

  1. Lens for Watch
  2. Instagram Notifications

Install Instagram on the Apple watch

Quickly before we go ahead and talk about how to use Instagram on your Apple watch with those two methods listed below let people look at if you can install Instagram on it. It is virtually impossible to install Instagram on your apple smartwatch. The main reason for this is that most applications especially social media applications do not have support for the iOS smartwatches to be installed on them.

So you cannot install Instagram Facebook Twitter or any other social media application on your Apple Smart Watch because they do not have support. All you can do is make use of the two methods and we’ll be giving you all this article to use Instagram on your Apple watch.

How to Get Instagram on Your Smartwatch

If you have an Apple watch and you love using the Instagram application then there is good news for you. Because it can be used on your smartwatch. I will be listing and explaining the two methods which you can use to access Instagram on your watch easily. These methods can all work on Watch 7,6,5,4,3,2.

Using a Lens For watch

Also, The left for what application is one of the best applications that make using Instagram on your Apple watch very possible and a good experience to have. Who’s this application is installed on your iPhone it enables you to get the Instagram application on your apple smartwatch.

There is a downside to this though being that the less application is not free. Because it cost a little bit of money which is just $2 for the pro version. You can decide to stick with the free version. However, you will not get many Instagram pictures on it. Now let’s see how to use the lens below:

  • Grab your iOS device and launch the app store.
  • Type and search for the lens app and install it on your device.
  • Once the application is finished installing launch it.
  • Tap on the login to Instagram, and you will be greeted with the message ‘ is not installed on your watch.’
  • Just tap ok and open the apple watch application on your phone.
  • Tap on the lens which is under my watch tab and turn on the ‘Show app on Watch’ option.
  • Now tap on my watch and then select the lens app and enable it.
  • Return to the lens app and now login to your Instagram account.
  • Finally, open the lens app on your watch and you will be able to use Instagram on it.

How to Get Instagram Notifications on Your Watch

This is perhaps the simplest way to use Instagram on your smartwatch. All you have to do is turn your smartphone on your watch and turn on the notification for the Instagram application. When you have done that whenever you receive an Instagram message or notification and your smartphone screen is locked you will receive it on your smartwatch.

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