Complete Guide on How to Get the DirecTV Stream App on Your LG Smart TV in 2022

In this article, I will explain to you how to get DirecTV on LG Smart TV, so that you can keep enjoying your Smart TV experience. There is no doubt that smart TVs has become part of our way of life, as the trend of TV’s continues to evolve.

How to Get the DirecTV App on Your LG Smart TV

Not only can you watch movies from a DVD player nowadays, but you can also stream movies on a TV. You can also download apps such as Netflix, Hulu, DirecTV and more on a smart television and enjoy yourself. Smart TVs have totally replaced the need for a DVD player.

What to know About LG Smart TVs 

LG has come a long way and they are smart TVs are one of the best and top TVs dominating the world at this very moment. Yeah, LG has been dominating the world of television for a long time and they are still on top of manufacturing different kinds of smart television.

LG Smart TVs makes use of the Web OS which is a Linux-based Kanye West that is developed for all smart televisions. This OS allows you to smoothly control the operations of your smart television who it is and peace of mind.

LG TVs have their own store this is one of the best features I love about LG. From the store, you can download loads of applications and different kinds of content including DirecTV.

What is DirecTV?

Direct TV is a live TV streaming service that is available on any web store that can be downloaded on your Smart TV specifically LG. The Direct TV which is the new name of AT&t TV is available without a new contract with AT&t.

Direct TV can be installed from the LG app store on your LG smart TV and can be used to stream various kinds of movies shows and TV series. To install this TV on your smart television you will have to follow some specific steps in other to enjoy it.

How to Get DirecTV Stream App on LG Smart TV

First of all, before I go through the process, we all know that this application direct TV is not directly compatible with LG smart televisions. But there is a workaround that we can use in making this work for us. So because the directory is not available to download on LG the only way to use it is through screen sharing. To do that follow the procedure below:

  • Now go to your app store or play store and install direct TV on your mobile device.
  • Once the application is downloaded now connect your Android device and your LG TV to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • On your LG smart TV go to the home page and click on the Screen Sharing option.
  • Get a hood of your smartphone and check for a screen mirroring item on the screen. If you can’t find this go to the screen sharing option on your device and tap on screen sharing.
  • After you have clicked on the screen sharing a list of all nearby devices that is ready to share screen will appear to select the one with the rightful name which is LG smart TV.
  • A notification pop-up will appear on your TV, this will be swiftly followed by whatever is displaying on your smartphone.
  • Now open the direct TV app on a smartphone and it will be also displayed on the LG TV.
  • Finally, start to stream direct TV with your Android device.


Note: make sure to use Wi-Fi with a very strong internet connection for a clear and flawless streaming experience. Also having an unlimited data connection is the best to go with anything streaming.

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