How to Get Banned from Having Access to Buy & Sell on Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is an online market for buying and selling products and services. The platform is guided, organized, and well-structured by rules. If found violated, you get penalized and if possible banned. Getting banned from the Facebook marketplace is so easy. Looking for a way back after being banned is very difficult.

How to Get Banned from Facebook Marketplace in 2022

Facebook is so much eager to ban users who violate its Marketplace rules so as to maintain order, so read to know what can get You Banned. So many that have been banned are still looking for redemption but it seems impossible.

On the platform, there are things that ought not to be sold and some are. There are things you can post and some you can never. This is all in the Facebook marketplace rules.

How to Get Banned from Buying and Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Getting banned is so simple, just posting about sales of guns and strong drugs can get you banned from the Facebook marketplace. Posting fake descriptions of what you are selling can get you banned as it portrays you as a scammer.

Many do this to have a large customer base and boost traffic. Moreover, if being reported severally of being a scammer, you could get banned.

Why You’ll Get Banned from Facebook Marketplace

You don’t get banned easily as their team are always working to be sure if the customer report is t Go to and click Marketplace in the left column. Click Request Review and fill out the form rue. Facebook can’t ban you for any reason.

You must have violated their rules be it done by mistake or not. It also could be due to feedback that users have submitted. After doing their research and you are found wanting, then you get banned from accessing Facebook Marketplace. As a matter of fact, overusing a feature can get you banned too.

What’s Not Allowed on FB Marketplace

a lot of things are being done on the Facebook Marketplace. Going outside that can be so disastrous, so one needs to be careful. Things like posts, jokes, and news are not to be sold as they are not physical items. Posts like the lost & found and ‘in search of’ are not to be sold.

Can You Get Unbanned from the Facebook Marketplace?

The Facebook team are always putting in their best, gathering so much information to catch their perpetrators. Despite the sophisticated research, they are still prone to make mistakes. That is to say that you can get banned from Facebook Marketplace for doing nothing.

Well, if you think so, you can still reach out to them. Go to and click Marketplace in the left column. Click Request Review and fill out the form.

How Long is a Ban from Marketplace

There are various penalties entitled to each violation. The worst of all is getting banned. I can’t imagine myself being banned from the platform. To most people, it is their life and getting them banned is like killing them. That’s why knowing their rules is important. Violating such rules can get you banned for some hours or 21 days.

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