How to Follow a Seller You Like on Your Facebook Marketplace Account

Do you want to get notified of new listings created by Your favourite seller? Well, that is quite easy. With the following feature on the Facebook marketplace, You can do just that with ease. So let’s learn how to follow someone on the Facebook marketplace platform.

How to follow someone on facebook marketplace in 2022

Moreover, when you follow someone on the Facebook marketplace, you always get notifications on your News Feed. However, the person you follow will also get notified. But when you unfollow them, Facebook does not notify them of that.

Steps on How to Follow Someone on Facebook Marketplace

Surely, what You will get here is the complete guide on How to Follow Someone on Facebook Marketplace as people are looking for it. You get instant notifications of new listings on your newsfeed when you follow someone. This is great and of great assistance, because we get to know quite an on time.

So, you can be able to reach out to your customer before anyone else will get it purchased. Because who pays first gets the product. So, here are the steps on how to follow someone on the Facebook marketplace:

  • Tap the hamburger menu on the top right of the Facebook page
  • Tap the marketplace icon
  • Tap see more
  • Look for the listing of the one you want to follow
  • Go to the name of the seller and tap the follow button

Now that you have followed the seller, any listing created you get notified immediately. so, it’s your turn to respond straight away before anyone does. As you received that notification, so is another. So, be right on time.

How to Find Someone on the Facebook Marketplace

To find someone on the Facebook marketplace is quite simple. Just tap the messenger icon at the top edge of your Facebook page. open the conversation you have with the person. Tap the conversation you have with that person. That’s all, as easy as ABC.

What it Means to Follow Someone on Marketplace

if you want to get updated on any new listings created by a seller, following them is the best option. It will save you the cost of not getting right on time as others may have rushed the sale. You get notified on your newsfeed instantly. However, the steps on how to follow someone on the Facebook marketplace are stated above.

How to Find a Specific Seller on the Facebook Marketplace

Thanks to the search feature which lets one look for anything on the Facebook marketplace easily. How do you get to this feature? well, it is simple. tap the marketplace icon on your Facebook page. right there you see the search feature. input the seller’s name and you get the results.

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