Tips on How to Fix the Google Pixel 2 XL “Camera Not Working” Issue | 100% Tested & Working

Most of the Google Pixel 2 XL users have been encountering issues with the phone’s camera. Yes, if you are a Pixel 2 XL user, you might have or may encounter this issue because a lot of people using the smartphone have posted and complained online that their camera is not working. Well, if you fall under the category of the camera not working, then expect How to Fix the Google Pixel 2 XL Camera Not Working Issue in this content.

Tips on How to Fix the Google Pixel 2 XL "Camera Not Working" Issue | 100% Tested & Working

Most people saying that face the issue of the Camera not working mostly encounter the Camera crashing just a few seconds after launching it. But there have been some interesting hacks on how to fix the Camera. But in case the issue does not require the tweak first try out this fix below.

How to Fix the Google Pixel 2 XL Camera Issue

These methods should help you fix your camera if you are having minor issues with it.

Camera Lens

If the camera is working, but the photos and videos seem hazy or the camera fails to focus, clean the lens of the camera. This is a pretty forever smartphone.

Restart Your Phone

You can also restart your phone if the camera is not working. Doing this might get your phone camera working.

Check if the issue is caused by an app

This is really important as some apps on our smartphones may contain viruses or harmful software that would prevent the camera from launching. well, if you suspect the camera issue to be caused by an app, then check here is how you would find out

You would need to restart your phone to Safe mode. This basically disables all the third-party apps on your smartphone. Once you do that, launch your camera app, and if it works then the problem might be caused by any app. So, uninstall any app that was recently installed on the device and check if it works. This is how to restart your smartphone in safe mode:

  • Hold the power off button to get the boot options
  • Once they appear, tap and hold the restart option
  • A message asking you to confirm restart to safe mode would appear, click ok and the phone would restart to safe mode.

You can check the camera to see if it is working at this point. Restart to remove safe mode.

Tweaks to Fixing Pixel 2 XL Camera Not working Issue 

If the ones above fail to work, These methods have been confirmed by me and I assure you that they would get the front and rear camera working just fine.

Clearing the Camera Cache

This method works only for the selfie Camera.

  • To do this, click and hold the camera app and then click the options icon at the top right of the screen.
  • Click storage and cache
  • and then click the clear cache icon at the top and that is it. To launch the selfie camera, click and hold the camera app, and select take a selfie, and that is it.

Using a Magnet | 100% Guaranteed Fix 

This method might sound crazy, but it actually works. Hold a Magnet facing the Rear camera of the smartphone and launch the camera app. With this, the camera should be working just fine. You might need to hold a camera to the back each time you want to launch it.

Note: if the camera is blurry, try launching it again while holding the magnet close to the camera again.

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