How to Enable the Dark Mode Feature on Facebook Web – Facebook Dark Mode On

Enabling the dark mode on the Facebook web platform is actually a very easy and common thing, most Facebook users today already know how to enable the dark mode feature on the Facebook web platform. Facebook rolled out the dark mode on their platforms thorough a new site created so individuals that wanted to test it then just needed to switch to the new website to change it.

How to Enable the Dark Mode Feature on Facebook Web - Facebook Dark Mode Settings | #facebookdarkmode

Facebook has been working on a new and better version on their web platform or website for months now and it’s seeming like they are almost ready to release this new website to the public, but for now, this website is the only avalanche to a selected few and when individuals see the prompt for the new website they can activate it and switch to the new website which has the dark mode


The dark mode feature is becoming one of the most common additions to applications worldwide, this dark mode allows for all individuals to be able to enjoy their phones and applications on a smoother and easier to view way. These are some of the major features of the Facebook dark mode.

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  • The dark mode feature helps individuals to be able to enjoy their Facebook platform both during the day and at night the Facebook dark mode has been helping users who don’t have the time to use their Facebook platform during the day at night as the dark mode looks conducive to be used during the night time.
  • Facebook dark mode has proved to be Facebook moving in the right direction, this dark mode makes the new Facebook web platform look beautiful at night because of this it has been gaining many positive reviews from the Facebook users worldwide.

Facebook dark mode has been gaining more and more recognition as it has been added to all their platforms at the moment, The dark mode is available on the Facebook website, the messenger application and the Facebook application for mobile devices it can be enjoyed by all users easily on all their devices.

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How to Enable the Dark Mode  Feature on Facebook Web

Facebook users can easily enable the Facebook dark mode feature on their new Facebook website, this means they can decide to use the dark mode on any of their devices at any time and enjoy the same quality. This is how to enable the dark mode feature on the Facebook web.

  • Log into Facebook account at
  • Click the settings icon in the top right corner.
  • Select ‘Switch to New Facebook’ in the settings menu.
  • Click ‘Next’ in the pop-up welcoming you to the redesigned Facebook interface.
  • Select ‘Dark’ on the right side of the ‘Choose a Look’ popup.

These are the steps to enable the dark mode for Facebook web, users can easily activate their dark mode on the platform.

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